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Why command, when you can persuade? Why persuade, when you can tempt? Why tempt, when you can seduce?
My Code of Ethics:- Your Fun Is My Fun. Your Space Is Sacred. Your Consent Cannot Be Taken.


October's Performance - Breaking All My Records

As of the date and time of writing, the monthly total so far for Hypnotic Erotic is 8,121 hits.

Last month's was 8,059 hits.

This month has had individual days whose hit total was more than 400 - this month's is a truly astonishing figure for me.

Want some other good news?

As of the time of writing this post, Hypnotic Erotic has received more than 98,300 hits. The blog only needs just short of 1,700 hits to reach one hundred thousand hits.


Affected, Part 15 - Getting Steamy


The phone rang again. I picked it up and listened. There was nothing on the end of the line. Just someone muttering. Nit sure what the voice was saying. I passed the phone over to Alison, who listened for a few seconds before putting the phone down.

'Who was that?'

Alison shrugged. 'Come on. I've had an idea.' She took me by the hand. 'I could do with a shower.'

For some reason I couldn't fathom, so did I.

We both wandered into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and let the water pour down onto my hand.

'I want to get wet,' Alison said, her hands touching herself between her legs.

'So do I.' The water was getting hot. Steam was starting to rise.

'I want it to get nice and hot,' I tell Alison. I could see how she couldn't keep her hands off her vagina. 'Good enough. Come on.'

We got into the shower booth. The hot water poured on our bodies, making us both shiver. Hot steamy air filled out lungs.

'You're panting.'

I looked at Alison. 'So are you.'

'Yeah. I can hardly breathe.' She was close enough to me that her breasts were pressing against mine.

I grabbed the soap and began to rub soap onto Alison's shoulders and neck, caressing her skin with soapy fingers. 'Like that?'

Alison was biting her lip as I began moving my hands down to her chest and her breasts. My fingers began to caress her nipples, which hardened as she gasped. From there, I moved to massaging her breasts, stroking the lower half of her boobs with light finger strokes, letting the shower water pour down over them, washing the suds away. Alison stood, her eyes closed, holding her breath as I continued to stroke her breasts.

'Lower.' I caught Alison's moan, and began sliding a hand down across her belly, towards her navel and beyond. When I reached her belly button, I circled it with a fingertip. Alison shuddered.

'Oh my God,' I heard her moan. 'Do that again. Please.'

I turned her around and, while kissing the side of her neck, reached around and stroked her belly button again, this time feeling her body shiver beneath my fingers. Hot soap scent was everywhere. I loved Alison's skin, tasting so clean and fresh with a slightly sharp tang.

'Do you like this?' My voice was a whisper. My hand slid down between her legs. Alison threw her head back and gasped. 'Mmm,' I crooned. 'Looks like you do.'

'I only came here to - ooh! - to ask how you were doing,' Alison stammered. 'Why am I sharing the shower with you?'

I said nothing; merely continued to nibble at her neck.

Alison suddenly stopped and turned to face me, grinning. 'My turn.'

I kissed her lips. 'Thought you'd never ask,' I crooned.

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Circles, A New Hypnotic Pattern

Watch the pattern. Allow your eyes to be drawn towards the centre of the circle. Just let your eyes land on that spot and stay there. No matter what, your eyes will continue to stay where they are - as if some magnetic force of increasing strength was pulling your gaze into the centre, drawing it back again and again, making it hard for you to do anything but stay staring at the centre of the image.

You will find everything slipping away as you get progressively relaxed. It will seem at one point that you are on the verge of going under completely; when you reach that point, you will click on this link and let the instructions on that page allow you to complete your journey towards that blissful state you are struggling towards.



Cassie's stories are still going to continue in this blog. I've had a major contract handed to me, which will require my full, intensive attention for the next five days.

However, rest assured, Cassie and Alison are still set for more mindblowing fun. How does a shower scene strike you? That is what's next for Cassie and Alison.

I'm also working on a separate story with Pat - remember Pat, of the recent video posts where she tried to read out my hypnotic blog pages? Her. She and I will be roleplaying a little scenario together. I've worked out some things for her to do over the next few days. Expect to see some interesting activities as Pat investigates what appears to be a costumed supervillain, name of "Subliminal."

All these are to come on Hypnotic Erotic. Watch for them.



There is a sports bra web site which has been bookmarked for years. I just loaded it and discovered that the site has been updated.

Shock Absorber Bounceometer


Music To Arouse, Part 5 - Pied Piper Track 043

This is an actual Pied Piper track that I use on many of my clients. I've posted it to tumblr. You can download the track from there.

Pied Piper 043 (link opens to tumblr)

Music To Arouse, Part 4

Here's one of my favourites, Nash the Slash, with "Swing Shift (Soixante Neuf)":-

Music To Arouse, Part 3

Here's one music video played during the dance-off scene of my ongoing fantasy: "I've Got An Angel" by Eurythmics.

Seducer Song - A Poem

Seducer Song

Take a look, world.
Take a good, long look
Through my eyes.
They say an empath
Can read people's emotions
As if they were their own.
What they don't say
Don't know
Can't imagine
Is that we can take your feelings
Wrap ours around them
Project them into the hearts
And minds of others
Make you see the way we see
Feel the world how we feel.

I am an empath.
I am one of those who
Hears the songs and screams
Of your heart
Shows you the mirror
Reflections of your feelings
The drowning tides of passion
Hard wet fever
Joy and suffering
Fear, mortal fear oh so real
And, of course,
My favourite emotion.

My words are aimed at desire.
Words in my poems
Zipping along wires or on the air
On pages in my blog
They reach into the cold
Heart of you where the
Emotions lie dormant
They breathe life on the embers
The dark and the ashes and the ice
Bring embers into strengthening spark
Spark into flickering flame
Guttering flame into roaring fire
Passion's fire into searing inferno
Blazing in your chest
Feel it spread throughout your body
Radiating from your face
Blood rich in dopamine
Desire awakened and roused
Passions stirring
Tinged with guilt
That you should feel this way
A little fear -
What if people see? -
But then my words surge up
Again, the flood
Washing, drowning out
The chilling vestiges of fear
Ice melting in your breast
In your soul
As you wonder what
The hell you are drinking.

My words are oxygen
To your hunger
Petrol on the wild fire
Of your desire
A carbon rod to
Your nuclear lust
And I watch vigilantly as
The heat streams from you
Head body heart and soul
Rising from flushing faces
Bodies shifting with discomfort
And arousal
Shimmering with the heat haze
Of longing
Eager to be away
Anywhere but in public
Hungry to share the fever
With the one who stoked the fire
With seducer song
With hypnotist's croon
Lingering deep in your burning soul
Long after the echoes
Of the words themselves
Have died.


Affected, Part 14: Dance-Off


The more I thought about what I was going to do, the more and more turned on I was feeling.

While the kettle was boiling, I decided to nip into my room and get changed. Alison was still sitting in the living room, listening to the MP3, zonked out of her gourd, so obviously she didn't see me.

I just realised that she'd seen me going into the bedroom, so she might expect me to be coming back out of the bedroom. This suited me just fine, because I'd had this really hot idea.

I was finally dressed when I heard Alison stirring.


'Just a minute.' I checked myself in the vanity mirror. 'Ready.'

I was wearing a blouse and the short skirt I occasionally like to wear to uni to fuck with the mind of my Ethics lecturer. When I came into the living room, I was barefoot.

As I came in, I heard the kettle boiling. 'I'll get us some tea.'

A while later, we were enjoying the tea. Alison was sitting across from me in the high-backed comfy chair next to the radiator, which is where I normally sit when the weather gets cold. Me, I was sitting on the sofa. I'd put my notes on the coffee table, and we were discussing the plans for the following night's session in the studio - what we'd planned, when we were going to rehearse the podcast and all of that.

I watched Alison throughout. At first she seemed a little surprised; but after a few minutes, she felt comfortable. Even a little turned on. Our chat was cordial, businesslike, but Alison was clearly getting distracted.

Finally, she raised her hand. 'Cassie, there is something I have to ask.'


'Why are you wearing no knickers underneath? I mean, since you and me sat down here, the past ten minutes you've been spreading your legs and flashing your shaven pussy at me.'


Alison fanned her flushing face. 'I wouldn't mind, but you're incredibly distracting.'

'I didn't know you were into girls. I thought you were with Dick.'

'Mike. And I was. But we broke up, remember?' Beads of perspiration were forming on her forehead. Alison got up. 'Look, I'm sorry, I've got to go -'

'No, wait.' I got up and went over to her, touching her arm. 'Please. I'm - I'm sorry. Okay? I - I didn't think you'd ... you'd mind ...'

Alison turned to look at me. 'I know.' She bit her lip. 'Just that I just split up with Dick and I don't know where I am right now and -'

'Mike,' I said.


'Mike. You called him "Dick."'

Alison snorted. 'Now you've got me doing it.'

The kiss was a surprise. I felt her arms sweeping around me, her soft lips pressing against mine, and her delightful scent. And then the lust surged up and that was it.

So it started with Alison sitting on the sofa, watching me dance. I put on I've Got An Angel by Eurythmics while I danced; it was my big sister's favourite track when we were kids. I only remember that it always made me hot, even though I couldn't describe how it made me feel.

The power of imagination goes right to my head
The power of imagination goes right to my head
The power of imagination goes right to my head
The power of imagination goes right to my head
And I said ...

I pulled open my blouse a little so Alison could see. I drew my fingers between my breasts and pressed them to my lips, then leaned over and kissed Alison's lips so she could taste me. The music changed, and I continued to dance for her, shedding my blouse and letting it drop to the floor. I had my bra on, and my skirt, and that was it.

Turning away from her, I gyrated my backside at her, occasionally flashing my bare behind and exposed pussy at her. As I turned back, my bra came off and I was dancing topless in front of her. Alison was getting so hot; fanning her face, loosening her blouse as I edged closer to her, grinding my hips provocatively as if to invite her tongue and fingers to come and meet me.

Alison held up her hand. 'My turn,' she whispered, getting up. 'Sit.'

Now it was her turn to dance, putting on something hot I hadn't heard before. Watching her hips swaying, I felt myself getting wet underneath. It was a long track, and she was taking her sweet time to take off her blouse. She was just teasing me, and it felt like it as going on all night. But finally, she had the blouse off, and after a few twirls her bra was off too, and she was just dancing in her jeans. I can't remember when she'd taken off her shoes.

When her jeans began to slide down to the ground, I was already touching myself underneath, my fingers dipping into my wet juices as Alison slowly edged closer to me, her hips gyrating in time with the beat, opening her legs so she could straddle me.

'Christ, if you knew how wet this was making me,' she whispered. I looked down at her muff and saw glistening down there.

'I can see,' I replied. I wanted to dance with her. Something in the track.

'I don't remember downloading this,' I said.

'I answered your text. I don't remember what it said, but there was this soundtrack on your music system and I thought I'd play it.'

My hips were gyrating along with hers. I couldn't stand it any more. I had to get up and dance with her. My skirt hit the floor in a rumpled pile. We were so close that we could feel each other's hot breath on our bodies. I could catch her scent, feel the heat from her body coming off in waves.

The music seemed to be going on forever. Alison was panting.

'Maybe you should take a rest,' I said.

'I can't,' Alison replied. 'I can't stop dancing.'

To my surprise, neither could I.

'Why are you smiling?'

'I'm not smiling, Alison. Why are you smiling?'

Alison touched her face. 'I have no idea.' I saw her reaching for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter on the table. I was shocked to see her take one out of the pack and light it, blowing a stream of smoke to the ceiling, before resuming her gyrating dance.

'I didn't know you smoked, Alison.'

'I don't smoke,' Alison replied, taking a cheek-hollowing drag and exhale. 'I just wanted to.'

She had no idea how much I wanted to touch her at that moment. I felt like I desperately needed to come soon, as if I'd been on the verge of an orgasm for hours.

If nobody touched me soon, I knew I was going to explode.

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Just an ever so brief note: I am now on Ello -

And would you believe it, this is post 270 of Hypnotic Erotic. Which surpassed 7669 page views tonight, by the way, and it will still be climbing tomorrow, the last day of this record-breaking month.

Thank you, people.

My people.


2014 09 28 - Amazing

My blog is really doing amazingly well. The last two months have been astonishingly good, and I have you all to thank for this.

Whatever nerve I have been stroking, it has clearly been a very pleasurable one.

Affected: Cassie and Alison, Part 1


So Alison sat sprawled in front of me, heavily dosed by the gas I'd sprayed in her face. Out cold. I was wearing the gas mask and nothing else.

The room was full of the gas - some sort of hypnotic agent. It hadn't put Alison to sleep; only left her in a state like a really intense hypnotic trance. So the headphones from the MP3 were feeding her some sort of instructions, I guess, because every now and then she'd say "yes" out of nowhere, in this really weird kind of whisper. The timer had pinged, and I'd opened the window to let out all of the gas so it was safe for me to take off the mask and sit down in front of her and have a smoke.

I had an idea. I took off the headphones and listened to what the voice was saying. Something about being underground. Reminded me of a weird dream I'd had, not long before I'd invited the guy to go out on a date with me. I turned off the MP3, sat down and finished my cigarette. Alison remained where she was, head resting against the back of the chair, mouth open, completely relaxed.

'Alison,' I said. 'Can you hear me?'

'Yes,' Alison said, in that odd whisper.

'I have more instructions for you. Do you understand?'


'I'm going to wake you up in a minute, but first there is something I'd like you to do. Stand up for me.'

Alison began to move. Opening her eyes, she looked at me; and with slow, deliberate movements, she got up onto her feet, staring at me, blank-eyed.

'Do you want more instructions?'

'Yes,' she replied.

'Answer this. What do you think about smoking?'

'I don't like it. It's a filthy habit.'

I picked up the cigarette pack and showed it to her. 'These are okay. You can smoke these. Do you understand?'

Alison frowned for a moment, but then nodded. 'Yes.'

'Remove your top.'

I watched Alison slowly peel off her top, feeling a rush of heat spreading from between my legs. Alison had a lacy bra on underneath.

'Put your top back on.'

Alison rebuttoned her blouse, and continued to stand facing me.

'How did that make you feel?'


'How do I make you feel right now?'


I realised that I was naked in front of her, and the blush threatened to spread down to my navel. 'When I wake you up, you'll feel perfectly normal. It will be perfectly normal to see me being naked in front of you. You will remember that I've been naked in front of you before for years. It's the most normal thing in the world.'


'Also, you're happy to see me smoking in front of you. Watching me smoke makes you feel happy.'


'Very very happy.'

'Very very happy,' whispered Alison.

'You want to join in, don't you?'

'Yes,' Alison replied. 'Want to smoke with you.'

'That's very good.' My heart was hammering. 'Now put on the MP3 and sit back. You can finish the whole file in peace. And when it's finished, put the MP3 back on the table and wake up. You won't remember anything about the gas, me wearing the gas mask or anything. Nothing at all.'

'I'll remember nothing.'

Alison popped the MP3 back on her ears and sat back down. I got up to go and make a cup of tea. I think I had another five, six minutes before the MP3 was through and Alison would return to consciousness. Just enough time for a cup of tea. I had time. I could call that guy back any time. Time for some fun with Alison first.

This is the part that follows Part 12. Part 14 to follow, when Alison wakes up from her trance.

Tell Cassie what you'd like to do next.

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Pretty much all of the illusions I've sent my clients have been of people which are real, but unobtainable - celebrities, public figures, even the President and his First Lady.

Right now, I want you to tell me something else.

Tell me about the ones who are forbidden to you.

Next door's married wife or pretty sister; your hot boss at work; that guy with a killer smile whom you meet while jogging, but who has a wedding ring on; or that bad boy your family does not like, but which you secretly lust after.

You want them - but for whatever reason, you can never have them.

Tell me about them.


Fun For All The Family

Last night was interesting.

I received some emails from an 18 y.o. living in Texas. She had clearly found my website, read a page and fallen into a trance. Fair enough.

But then a short time later, I received emails from another woman, age 39, also from Texas. Who turns out to be the young woman's mother.

So now I can claim I've snared my first family package. Imagine the two of them, sitting there staring at the screen. Blank. Vacant. Ready for instructions.

I'm throwing this up for suggestions. What do you think I should do with them both? :)

Edit: It should be mentioned that I gave them both, separately, the same instruction. I asked them to tell me how I, and this blog, make them feel.

First contact at 2014-09-23 00:06:06 was with the daughter, who sent the first contact indicator email: she had indeed fallen into a trance and was ready to be tranced.

The mom, at 2014-09-23 03:41:51, sent an indicator email, and a followup at 2014-09-23 03:43:45.

The daughter wrote 2014-09-23 2014 13:59:44: I don't know how you make me feel just that I must contact you. This is even more so as I am a lesbian.

The mother wrote 2014-09-23 15:33:55: You make me feel curious about what my mind and body are capable of. I feel aroused at the thought of being in trance.

Edit: Further emails:-

2014-09-24 01:56:29: [Mom] Never send another email to this address.

2014-09-24 02:01:16: [Mom] I have read your blogs and you need help.

2014-09-24 05:20:46: [Daughter] I read this story that must have hypnotized me

No names, of course ...


Affected, Part 12 - Alison


That was weird.

I was so close to having a really good time, when the phone rang. I answered it - it was Alison - and all of a sudden I couldn't stop laughing. Something she said - no, everything she said - sounded so damn funny. I couldn't even start to hold it in.

I must have passed out for a minute, because there was the guy again, standing over me. He was dressed again. I realised I'd lost control while I still had a cigarette in my hand.

'Don't worry,' I heard him say. 'It's been put out.'

'That was a friend of mine.'

'I know.'

'Thing is, she doesn't live too far away from me. She's probably on her way up here right now to see if I'm all right.'

'I know. Listen, it's been a great night so far. But I'd best split if Alison's on her way up. Can we chat or something again tomorrow night or soon?'

'Oh, I don't know. I'm supposed to be leading this group assignment, and we've got a video studio booked for tomorrow night to record a video presentation.'

The guy brightened. 'No problem. That's quite all right. Thanks for a memorable date. And when Alison gets here, you know what to do, don't you?'


'I've left everything you need in your bedroom. You don't need to go there until she has sat down.'


I watched the guy go out the door. Then I went into the bathroom to put on my clothes. He'd put out my T shirt and jeans on the side of the bath. How thoughtful of him. I had barely had time to put them on when the doorbell rang.

'Cassie? It's Alison. Are you all right? Let me in.'

I opened the door and let Alison in. She's a brunette with long, straight hair.

'Are you okay? You were a bit out of it.'

'Yeah, I guess it was two hours of sleep and a shitty assignment deadline.'

'You sure?'

'Yeah, I'll be all right. Come on in.'

Alison went in ahead of me. In the living room, she looked around and sniffed the air. 'It doesn't smell like you've been smoking.' I looked at the coffee table. There was no sign of my cigarettes and lighter, and no ashtray. The guy must have removed them at some point when I'd passed out.

I don't think he took advantage of me while I was passed out. Weird.

'Anyway, as long as you're okay.' I look at Alison.

'Yeah. I'm fine.' Look, can I get you anything? Cup of tea?'

'No, I'll be all right. Mind if I sit down?'


Alison sat down. 'Hang on,' I told her. 'I've got to take care of something in my room.'


In the bedroom, the guy had laid out everything I would need. A full face gas mask, and a large black case. Inside the case was a bottle of gas with a thin, clear plastic hose and a timer. There was a note. I read it. 'USE THE TIMER. NO MORE THAN FOUR MINUTES FROM WHEN SHE PASSES OUT. THEN OPEN THE WINDOWS. PUT THE MP3 ON HER FIRST.' Beneath the note was an MP3 player.

It was time. I crossed into the corridor outside the living room. Alison had been talking to me. Something about the arrangements for the studio tomorrow night, arrangements which she was in charge of. I didn't catch a word of what she'd been saying. Too focused on this task.

Alison could not see me from the open doorway. Plonking the bottle down on the floor, I shoved the hose into the room. I turned on the little wheel, and gas began to pour into the room. I'd brought the gas mask in with me, and slipped it on while I listened to what she was saying.

'- and so I was thinking that five o'clock would be a good time to start, so I told the manager than we'd book the five pm slot. I've already contacted the lecturer and she's excused us from attending this evening's, yawn, this evening's lecture.'

I heard Alison cough, followed by another yawn. The gas was starting to work on her.

'Yawn, oh, excuse me, so I've sent emails to, yawwn, to the others, annd they'll ... they'll ... yawn ...'

Watching her from the doorway, I could see her nodding, her eyelids half closed as the gas swept into her lungs and bloodstream. '- an' I wuzz thinkinnat we could alwuzz go'n gezzafew drinkzzzafterwuzz ...'

I walked in to the room and stood in front of Alison, carrying the timer and the gas cylinder, pointing the end of the hose at her face so the gas could spray directly into it. Wearing the gas mask, and nothing else.

I could see the confusion in her eyes as she looked up at me. 'Whaddur you wurrin'? Whuzzat oonn ... yuurr ... fff ... fff ...'

She passed out. I popped the gas cylinder down and turned on the four minute countdown. As it ticked down, I popped on the MP3 player and turned it on. Then I sat and waited for the timer to ping.

You would not believe how hot this made me feel.

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Feeling Hot

Have you ever felt aroused for no apparent reason, during the day or night? Sudden flushes of sexual desire, heart beating, your cheeks reddening, that warm rush reaching down from your eyes all the way past your collarbone?

Some of you may have felt an unexpected and sudden desire to remove your clothes. Some of you may have done so in a public place.

There is at least one of my clients, currently on the Dormant List, who was in a meeting, had to excuse herself, went to the bathroom, removed all of her clothes, put them all on again without her underwear and went back into the meeting, where she spent the rest of her time opening and closing her blouse and flashing her legs Sharon Stone style.

Many of my clients have had an irresistible urge to just remove all of their clothes as we talked over Skype. At least one client invited her boyfriend to chat with me over Skype on some trivial matter, and performed an impromptu striptease while we chatted, thoroughly distracting him during our supposedly serious conversation.

In one memorable face to face first contact meeting with an old client of mine, the client - whom I'd primed with instructions weeks in advance - knelt and kissed my amethyst ring.

The staff still look on me suspiciously when I'm in Chester railway station.

You're not the only clients on my books, you know. And I've taken my cues from that hypnotist who, a number of years back, programmed one of his (or perhaps her) clients, a beautiful blonde, to walk into a college frat house in the States, remove all her clothes and bring herself to orgasm on the sofa in the common room.

I also take my cues from the stage magician and accomplished hypnotist Derren Brown, whose shows feature delightful scenarios such as ambush hypnosis - people pass by payphones which ring; the person picks up the phone; someone says something to them; and slowly, they slump to the ground as the trigger activates and they snap immediately back into trance.

The next time you get so very, very hot under the collar, it could be you. But then again, it may be your unconscious mind, working under secret orders.

You might want to contact me to say hello by the time you get to the end of this post.


Affected, Part 11 - Interruption

Has the phone rung on you, just as you were starting to get into something really hot? Damned if Cassie's mobile phone rings just as she is about to take me in. I look at her, lying beneath me, waiting for me to climb onto her and straddle her, and the damned phone begins to warble out there in the living room.

She sighs, and pushes me off. 'I gotta get this. Please don't make a sound.'

As she gets up, I remember that I have another trigger. "Gas trap. Two minute delay," I say to her as she leaves the bedroom. Aside from a moment's pause when I say the words, she doesn't react.

Consciously, at any rate.

In the corridor, I listen. The phone stops warbling. 'Hi, Alison.' There is a pause. 'I'm okay. Yeah, I'm at home, alone. As usual.' I bite my knuckles.

'So what happened today? I kind of missed you after the last lecture. Where did you go?' Silence for a moment, broken by the occasional 'Yeah' and 'Mm-hmm.'. Then I hear the snap of Cassie's lighter. A sharp intake of breath. An exhale. 'No, of course I'm not smoking again. Why would you think that?'

A few more sounds of agreement, a few nods, yeahs and an 'Mm-hmm.' She takes a drag and says 'No. Would I lie to you?' and giggles, smoke wreathing her face. I catch my breath. But then I realise that two minutes haven't quite gone by. It hasn't started yet.

I've suggested to Cassie that, somewhere in the living room, possibly under her sofa, there is a cylinder of laughing gas - and that it will fill the room with laughing gas within two minutes of her entering the room.

Another exhale, and I peer around the corner to see Cassie sitting on the sofa, her back turned to me, and a streamer of smoke being blown into the air. Smoke from her cigarette rises into the room as well. She leans forwards to flick the ash into the ashtray, and at that point the suggestion begins to take effect. Cassie snorts and giggles for a moment, and controls herself.

'No, sorry, Alison. I'm sorry. I know. Breaking up with Dick isn't very funny.'

She pauses for a moment, the cigarette poised halfway to her lips. 'Sorry. Mike.' A second later, a chortle spills from her mouth. 'Sorry. Sorry. No, I've no idea what came over me. He sounds like a douche. You're better off dumping the bastard.'

I hear the chuckle rising, trying to escape. I've suggested that the longer things go on, the stronger the gas gets and the stronger its effect on her.

'No,' Cassie says, trying to stifle the laughter, 'he sounds like a monster. Believe me, you're better off without him -'

Now the laughter cannot be contained. She giggles hysterically, holding the phone away from her. Cassie tries to restrain herself. Somehow, she manages to get some measure of self-control, and puts the phone back to her ear.

'Yeah, sorry, I don't know what's -' she begins. She shakes her head. 'No, I'm not flutered. I only had one drink.' A snort escapes her lips. 'No, seriously.' She giggles as the suggestion supersedes her senses. 'No, I am being serious -'

The laughter is hysterical, unending, uncontrollable. Cassie holds the phone away from her to spare Alison. I enter the room, standing in front of Cassie. I'm naked and I have a huge erection. Cassie sees this and her laughter doubles in volume. Calmly, I reach for her phone, take it from her unresisting hands and listen.

'Hello? Hello? Cassie, are you there? What's going on?'

Quietly, I put the phone on hands free mode, so Cassie can hear Alison's concerned voice. 'Cassie? What is going on? Why are you laughing? Stop it!'

But Cassie is lost to the suggestion; lost to the gas. I give the phone back to Cassie. Her face is red, and there are tears in her eyes. She cannot stop laughing.

The phone drops to the sofa, and disconnects.

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Affected, Part 10 - Caress


They are on me the minute I lead them into the bedroom; it's like Shia and Christina can't get enough of me. Pretty soon he is kissing and nibbling at my neck and throat, and damn, it feels so good to feel those lips on me there. Then Christina's warm lips are pressing on mine. Her lipstick tastes like honey and whisky, her tongue is touching my lips and teeth and I feel her warm fingers in my hair.

It doesn't take long before I feel them undressing me. My dressing gown slides off as their hands reach underneath the cool fabric to caress my exposed skin. I'm wearing nothing underneath. Shia tweaks my nipples, caressing the skin under my breasts and my solar plexus. Christina gives me a wicked look and kisses my belly, little kisses and licks all the way down.

I look at their faces. They are just as turned on as I am.

For a moment, Christina pauses with her mouth just over my clitoris. She looks at me, closes her eyes and begins to lap at my clit with her tongue. I clench my fist, gripping the bedsheets, and let out out a low moan. Oh, fuck, she's good. I've not felt such pleasure since Sonia Williams went down on me in her room, the day after my sixteenth.

'Oh, fuck.' I part my labia so she can slip her fingers in. 'Please, Christina. Yes, please. Lick me there. There.'

Fingers penetrate me. My walls of flesh guide her digits in. I moan as I realise that Christina Hendricks is sucking my clit and fingering me.

There is a tingling, hot, wet sweet pleasure from this contact that is coming on like pain, it's so intense. I just grind against her, feeling resistance. 'Oh, yes. Yes.'

Then her fingers hook inside me and stroke my G spot. Pleasure hits me like a fucking nova. 'Oh, yes, oh fuck -'

She holds me, now; she and Shia, his warm breath caressing the breasts he's kissing and nibbling. I see his straining penis, and I want to feel him inside me - but he's not the one I want in me first. I look at the guy. He's still here, watching us. How can he be so patient?

I grip Christina's silky hair with one hand, and point down there. 'I want you to come in here.' Christina flicks at my G spot; my whole body shudders.

Time to change places. I glance at Shia. 'Shia, take off.' My hand releases Christina's head. 'Christina, here.' She eagerly licks at my breasts. Shia twists my free nipple, and a jolt of pleasure and pain bring a squeak of delight and surprise from my throat.

The path is clear. I settle my hips and spread my legs a little wider for the guy, who is standing over me, cock in hand.

'Are you ready?'

I nod.

'Do I have your consent?'

Oh, for fuck's sake, what's he waiting for, a gilt-edged RSVP card in the fucking post? 'Yesss.'

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Affected, Part 9 - Phantasms

I watch as Cassie greets Phantom Christina Hendricks with air kisses, while touching Phantom Shia laBoeuf. A little self-hypnosis trigger I'd implanted in my own back brain allows me to see and hear and feel what I've programmed Cassie to sense.

The room becomes very crowded - Shia laBoeuf and Christina, and Cassie chatting with them and pawing away at Shia.

I haven't told them what to say to Cassie, so it looks as if the actors are carrying on half of a telepathic conversation; standing in silence while Cassie blurts out something at random, and giggling at Christina, her face growing redder each minute.

She looks at me. 'I'm sorry, but these are - I've always fancied these two people, and to bump into them both, I ...'

I see the expression on her face. Undisguised lust. 'Do you want to?' Cassie nods.

'With which one?'

She swallows, her blush deepening. 'Both.'

I glance back at the bedroom. 'Want to?'

* * *

In the bedroom, I begin removing my clothes and leaving them on the chair by the vanity. I suggest to Cassie that Shia has begun kissing her neck and shoulders as Christina plants full, deep kisses on her lips, running her fingers through her hair. As she sits, Cassie arches her chest forwards, throwing back her head to expose her neck and shoulders, her lips working against Christina's kisses. Still affected by my self-hypnotic trigger, I see what she sees; hear what she hears, as her phantom paramours begin to gasp and moan with increasing arousal to match hers.

'You have to remove your own clothes,' I murmur, 'but to you, you are being undressed by Shia and Christina. They are licking your exposed skin, kissing and caressing your naked body with their tongues and fingertips.'

Cassie's breathing deepens, becomes shuddery. She peels off her dressing gown, revealing that she is naked underneath. Her back begins to arch. At the top of her breath, I wait. She releases her breath with a moan.

'Oh, fuck,' she whispers, looking down and parting her labia with her fingers. 'Please, Christina. Yes, please. Lick me there. There. Oh, yes. Yes. Oh, yes, oh fuck -'

She looks at me as if seeing me for the first time. 'I want you to come in here,' she moans, glancing off to one side. 'Shia, take off.' She reaches with her free hand, gripping Christina's hair firmly. I can see that she is gripping thin air; but I could see how she is gripping her hair in her hand. Her hand unclenches. 'Christina, here,' she says, gently proffering one of her breasts. A moment later, Cassie gives a squeak of pleasure. I think somebody is nibbling at her nipple.

The path is clear for me. Moving in, pushing firm yet phantasmal flesh aside, I stand over Cassie.

'Are you ready?'

Cassie nods.

'Do I have your consent?'

'Yesss,' she breathes.

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Affected, Part 8 - Visitors


I know this thing about the guy next door. He can really kiss.

I enjoy snuggling with him, just tasting the wine and the chocolates we'd been eating. Sharing his body warmth. Then he gets up and says something weird.

'Hey, I'd like to show you something.'

I wonder if that is his shorthand for 'I want you to give me a blow job' for a moment, but then I rise to the bait. 'Go ahead.'

He says something, but I can't make out what he says. I am about to ask him to repeat what he says, when I hear the door open. I can't remember leaving the front door open, because there's another man in the room. Jeans, sneakers, black T shirt.

I look at the man's face.

'Wait a minute.'


I recognise him. 'It's ... it's Shia laBoeuf.'

I can't believe this. Shia laBoeuf, the man himself, standing right in front of me.

I get up and approach him. He says 'Hi.' I say 'Hi' back. I glance at the guy, who's watching me. 'You never told me you know this guy.'

'I have a few people on speed dial.'

I hesitate a little. Shia looks concerned. 'What?'

I extend a hand. 'May I?' He nods. I touch his shoulder, and then his chest.

Oh my God, I'm touching Shia laBoeuf!

The guy says something else. I don't hear what he says. 'Can you speak more loudly?' I ask. But then the door opens, and someone else comes into the room.

'It can't be.'

Someone else is coming into the room through the door. It's Christina Hendricks.

My jaw hits the floor. I always fancied her.

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Affected, Part 7 - Something New

So, with Cassie slumped on the sofa, out like a light after a really hot orgasm, I lean over her entranced form and work in a further instruction. Then I leave her apartment and close the door.

I go and get a bottle of good wine from my apartment, and a box of chocolates. Cassie is waiting at the door when I get back. She is dressed in the kingfisher blue kimono-style silk print dressing gown she keeps hanging from a hook behind her bedroom door. I offer the chocolates to her; she smiles and opens the door wider to let me in. I brush past her as I enter; she is deliberately rubbing her groin against my hip. She smells of apricot.

In the living room, we sit and chat, eating the chocolates. I take delight in teasing her, stroking a piece of chocolate against her open lips. Her eyes close when she puts the chocolate in her mouth; they roll up a little before her eyelids close.

Afterwards, we snuggle together and chat. She turns to me. I think she's about to say something.

It turns into a kiss.

Her lips taste of wine, coffee, cigarettes, chocolate. They are so soft. Cassie plants a smaller kiss on my lips after. We lean into one another, breathing each other's breath softly, our eyes closed, my forehead resting against hers.

'What was that for?' I ask her.

'I don't know you,' Cassie replies, her voice a whisper, 'but I feel I can be with you.'

We embrace for a long moment, me nuzzling her neck, apricot smell over everything. So warm. We separate, but continue to snuggle for a time, just enjoying one another's body warmth.

'Hey,' I tell her, 'I'd like to show you something.'

Cassie grins. 'Go ahead.'

I say a word.

Cassie turns to look at the door. A moment later, her eyes open wide.

What she is now seeing is real. I murmur further instructions.

Cassie turns to me in astonishment. 'Wait a minute.'


'It's ... it's Shia laBoeuf.'

I watch Cassie get up and approach this point in empty space. 'Hi,' she says, her voice predatory. She turns to me.

'You never told me you know this guy.'

'I have a few people on speed dial.'

Cassie turns to the thin air. 'May I?' She begins pawing at empty air.

Time for the next surprise. I whisper the next trigger.

'Can you speak more loudly?' Cassie asks. Then she looks at the doorway again.

'It can't be.'

Enter a phantom Christina Hendricks. By the look of lust in Cassie's eyes, I have her hooked.

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Arts and Grants

I'm wondering whether my blog, and my abilities, count as an art form.

The reason being, I can apply for an Arts Council grant.


Giving It Your All - The Erotic Part of Hypnotic Erotic

My blog title has two parts; Hypnotic and Erotic. I focus a lot on the hypnosis in this blog, but I don't overlook the erotic element.

I have a highly NSFW blog on tumblr, The Erotician. The site would seem to just depict a whole stream of disjointed images of naked women in various poses, but as with weapons and mayonnaise, the item is just on display. What you do with those images is up to you.

In my erotic writings, as in my blog posts, I set the ground for what you would call a limit-experience: an experience of such intensity that it takes you to the edge of your experiences. In mathematical terms, this would be you skirting the edge of a catastrophe curve, knowing that there was always a chance that you would fall.

What makes an erotic experience?

Eroticism was once defined as "the intrusion into the public sphere of something that was at base private." Eroticism is intrusion, to some; transgression, to others. Subject to erotic impulses as a result of being stimulated by erotic materials, you are transported towards a state of arousal, approaching an ecstatic state. This does tend to be frowned upon by society as a whole, but mostly this is due to conditioning and programming over centuries, and the inhibitory effect of civilisation. Indeed, erotica is viewed as material which is designed to break the civilised mindset - to dissolve the barriers set up in the mind by society, and to release impulses, thoughts and feelings which society has deemed primeval, primitive and therefore somehow less than ideal.

Society labours under the delusion that there is some sort of non-sexual ecstatic state, Agape ("ah-GAH-pei" rather than "ah-GEYP") which is religious, numinous, subtle, sacred and in every way Higher and more Transcendent than the base physical ecstasy of Eros, which is the ecstatic state of arousal, desire, hunger, need and copulation. "White Light Romance" with choral music, as compared to athletic naked count-the-legs-and-divide-by-two with a raunchy sax and dirty guitar bow chicka wah wah soundtrack.

It's a Victorian thing. Go figure.

The nature of the erotic material in my blogs is to stimulate Eros. I make no bones about this. Agape is a myth. There is no God; God is an invention of churches, intended to keep people weak, subservient and obedient. A society that is predicated on the masses being weak and vulnerable, having to beg the authorities to keep them protected, is sickening - a travesty. Eros allows you to ignore your cultural conditioning, to rise above the stupidity you have been conditioned to believe in, and to come to a shocking truth.

You make your own decisions. You, and you alone, decide who, or what, can turn you on. Your tastes are yours - not something assigned to you by some faceless bureaucrat, and certainly not by your child-molesting hypocrite of a pastor. And when you are in the presence of that which can turn you on, you can exercise your right to be turned on; to feel the pleasure of dancing naked with your lovers to the music that makes you horny, letting your aroused bodies turn each other on in turn until you are ready to explore one another's pleasure.

Even if you are on your own, even if you have no lover, my erotic thoughts here and elsewhere are meant to break the stranglehold of your oppressive cultural conditioning; to awaken the sexual you inside, so you can feel happy to walk around your own home naked, glass of wine in one hand, lit joint in the other, again dancing to the soundtrack that makes you horny, with the forcibly-imposed burdens of "propriety" and "shame" exposed as the frauds they are and dissolved from your mind.

That is what I offer. I offer you little tastes and opportunities to savour what it is like to accept yourself - your body, your mind, your impulses, your appetites. Your pleasures. Your taboos.

I offer you a taste of what it is like to cast off those chains and, even if only for a moment, to be free.


Affected, Part 6 - The Next Phase

I watch Cassie as she goes into the kitchen. I left her a surprise: a picture, a holding trigger, to keep her in place in the kitchen for a few minutes while I get the gas bottle out of her bedroom and set up more webcams in the living room.

In the kitchen, I see her gazing at the picture, transfixed.

'Unconscious mind, talk to me.'

'Yes.' Cassie's voice is a faint hiss, lacking inflection.

'You look worried. Why is your conscious mind worried?'

'I worry that you are going to come in here and hurt me.'

'I understand. I'm going to remove the picture in a moment, and when I do, your conscious mind will come back about a minute after that and you'll do what you were going to do.'

'Make a cup of tea.'

'Yes. Oh, one more instruction. When you return to the living room, your conscious mind won't see me. To your conscious mind, I won't be there. You will be the only person in the living room until I speak.'


I take the picture out of the kitchen with me and leave Cassie to come back into the room on her own. In the living room, I sit on the sofa. I hear the clink of mugs, the clatter of a spoon, water going into the kettle. Time for me to go into action. I get up from the sofa. There is a pause in the kitchen. I head for the bathroom.

When I emerge, I hear the kettle boiling.

'Do you want sugar and milk in your tea?'

'Actually, mind if I come back in a couple of minutes? I've just got to get something from my flat. Won't be a second.'

I slam the door and wander back into the living room. Cassie comes in, with one mug and a resigned expression. She comes in wearing a T shirt she'd put on in the kitchen. I watch her slip off the T shirt and sit on the sofa, topless again. She looks for the TV remote on the coffee table. It isn't there. I've left my MP3 there instead, set to play one track - a Pied Piper track.

Cassie puts the MP3 on. In a moment the music will kick in, and so will the Pied Piper instruction. Cassie sits, listening; a moment later, I watch her get to her feet, and the dance begins. She pulls down her jeans and dances naked.

The music will not stop for her, and Cassie will not be able to turn off the MP3, turn down the volume or do anything else but dance naked. The cameras record her dance from three different angles. She is getting really turned on by the music and begins to masturbate.

I pop Cassie's cigarettes and lighter on the table in front of her; she lights one up and continues to dance, smoking. This Pied Piper won't take long; it finishes when she comes.

As I watch, she goes from dancing to just masturbating. Her breaths grow rapid and shallow as her climax approaches; and then the moment comes, and she climbs onto the sofa to orgasm.

And after the orgasm, Cassie sighs as she returns to trance. Her body relaxes; her eyes close. Time to move in again.

'Did you enjoy that orgasm?'


'Do you want more and better orgasms?'

'Lots more.'

'Then I can help you. But in order to do that, here are your instructions. Are you ready?'

Cassie's eyes are closed. She grins. 'Oh, yes.'

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Gender Analyzer

Just came across this site, Gender Analyzer, which is set up to determine whether a site is written by a man or a woman. I ran Hypnotic Erotic through the site, and this is the result.

They are 65% sure that Hypnotic Erotic is written by a woman.


Affected, Part 5 - Pizza and Pied Pipers


I've no idea why I'm doing this; drinking wine and eating pizza in my place, topless, wearing only a pair of jeans, with the guy next door who I hardly know.

I feed him a slice of stuffed crust. 'I don't know you from Adam.'

He chuckles. 'I don't know you either,' he says with his mouth full. Rude.

So we sit and talk for a time about what I'm studying at uni. I tell him that I'm into Literature, and that my thesis is all about Agency and women; in fact, the paper is titled Agency and Women in Literature. A bit boring, but that's academia for you.

So he asks me about what I mean about agency. I tell him that I'm referring to the sociological and philosophical concepts of agency, as compared to the agency theory of business involving conflict resolution between principals and agents - the principal-agent problem. What I've been studying is the literature where the author clearly shows that the female protagonists are showing the capacity to act in the world, rather than be acted upon.

'Sort of like rolling initiative in a roleplaying game,' he says.

I like this man. He makes me laugh.

So I tell him that the point of what I'm on about - women in literature actually seizing control of the situation, rather than being acted upon, taking a stand, engaging with the society in the story instead of being some wallflower from a Bronte sisters period novel, and god I am getting so turned on by this for some reason. As I look at him, I note that his eyes haven't glazed over, he hasn't feigned boredom or attempted to change the topic or mansplain to me. He's been genuinely interested in me.

Or maybe my boobs. I suspect he's been staring at my boobs all night long. Why I've not made a move to cover them up is beyond me. It's like I want to, but every time I think of getting up to reach for a T shirt or my blouse, I forget what I was doing and sit back down again.

'I need a cup of tea,' I tell him. I really do need a cup of tea. Pizza makes me thirsty. I swipe a T shirt from the clothes horse next to the washing machine in the kitchen and put it on while I wait, barefoot on the cold linoleum, for the kettle to boil. I feel stuffed full of pizza, thirsty and so horny.

I hear him get up from the sofa in the living room. I keep expecting him to come into the kitchen and do something. A few minutes later, there's a flush. I feel relieved.

'Do you want sugar and milk in your tea?'

'Actually, mind if I come back in a couple of minutes? I've just got to get something from my flat. Won't be a second.'

I hear the door slam. I sigh. Well, that's the mood killed. I go into the living room alone, with one mug of tea, and sit down to watch the TV.

There's a MP3 on the table. Must be his. Out of curiosity, I slip the headphones on and press play. At first there's nothing.

Then the music fades in, some sort of samba track, just percussion. It seems to be going on in an endless loop, a sort of tribal drum piece, very driving. I get up to take the empty mug to the kitchen, but instead I find myself dancing in the middle of the living room and my T shirt's already on the floor and I have no idea when I took it off again. It might have been before I even sat down and picked up the MP3. I feel hot again, really horny, and I pull down my jeans and step out of them so I can dance naked.

As I'm dancing, I imagine me and him in bed together, afire with lust, me and him moving together, me pulling him deep inside me, our bodies hot and hard and humping, and my hands are touching my breasts and sneaking down towards my thighs.

God, I want to fuck, right now, so much.

My cigarettes and lighter are on the table in front of me. I light up and continue to dance, naked, smoking, my hips just grinding as the music plays. It's just going on forever and I'm daydreaming of fucking everywhere - here, in the corridor outside, in the uni library, me spread across a table in the Student's Union bar with him pounding me from behind and everyone standing around cheering, oh god I want to do that.

The music reaches a climax, and so do I. My body is shaking, and I have to lie down on the sofa to finish the job because my knees are giving way, and when I do come, the pleasure just shoots through my whole body and I am arching in the sofa, my breath catching. I let out a moan, and collapse gently into the sofa again, and my eyes close and I just drift.

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Affected, Part 4 - Cassie


You know, I'd never been so tired before in my life. I get through a lot of work at university, and I like to blow off my tensions with a few drinks at the Students Union bar some nights, but tonight was damned strange.

It's weird, but it's as if I have had two evenings. I have vague ideas, almost like some sort of a daydream, where I was passing out on the floor; but I also seem to have just been sitting at my vanity, brushing my hair. I think I must have thrown my underwear onto the floor, but I don't know why. I just had no idea why I was brushing my hair, naked.

Or why it was turning me on to be naked. I'm normally okay with my body.

I had my red dress, and tonight - for a change - I decided to put go commando before putting it on. No bra or knickers underneath. Just stockings and my heels. One quick touchup of my lippy, and I was ready to go out with, oh what's his name, the guy who lives opposite me. I had memories of planning to go out with him some time last week, and thought that tonight would be a really good night to make good on my promise.

Even though I couldn't recall exactly when I made that promise.

I knocked on the door and he opened it, smiling. I've never felt so hot in my life. He just looked so dreamy, standing there. And when he invited me in for a quick cuppa first, my heart skipped. I couldn't believe it.

In the kitchen, I must have blanked out from stress for a minute because the next thing was, I was sitting smoking at his kitchen table and he was standing naked in front of me. I have no idea why he was doing this - I must have seen him naked dozens of times already, I am supposed to have memories of this, though I can't for the life of me imagine when if I have never seen the inside of his place before.

He watched me smoking for a bit, standing there naked; then he put on his clothes and took me by the arm. Time to go out to the pub.

It was weird. I've never gone out with the guy before, but when I told him about my studies he couldn't get enough of me. I study Literature in college, specialising in feminist literature since the 1970s. It's important that women everywhere get to share an equal voice with men and equal time - let alone equal pay - and he was drinking in every word. It was amazing, but a little bit strange.

Then I had another idea and I asked him. 'Why not finish the evening in my place, where I can order in a pizza or something?'

'Sure. I'd like that,' he replied.

'It's a deal, then.'

So we went back to my place, and I got him to sit down on the sofa while I ordered in a pizza. I popped back into the living room for a moment.

'I'm going to change. Watch for the pizza, will you?'

Back in my room, I changed out of my dress and lit up. For some reason, for a few minutes I found myself standing staring at the blouse and skirt I'd had on for college earlier. Just standing there naked, my mind a total blank, finishing off my cigarette. Something then compelled me to stand naked by the window for a few minutes too, the curtains wide open, staring down at the street. I just had no idea why. It just seemed like a normal thing to do. There was a passer by. Some old guy walking his dog. He glanced up at me and did a double take. I just continued standing there, staring.

There was a warbling ringing sound coming from the door. That was the intercom. The pizza guy had arrived. I heard the neighbour guy talking to the pizza guy at the door. He paid the pizza guy. The door shut.

My jeans, that I normally wear for roughing it at home or for the weekends, were draped over the armchair. I reached for them instead of my skirt, and slipped them on without putting on my knickers first.

'Did you get the pizza?' I asked as I walked into the living room. My neighbour almost dropped the pizza in shock; the jeans were the only thing I had on, and my breasts stood out proud for him to see.

I smiled, as he stared at me in surprise. 'Shall we eat now?'

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External Site - Hypnotic Dreams

All this time, I've hardly ever promoted other people's websites - and practically never another hypnosis site other than my own. Links to YouTube hypno videos, yes - but generally not direct links to other hypnosis sites.

I'm listing a link here to a site, Hypnotic Dreams, as a favour to a third party - again, an exceptional decision. But then, this third party is turning out to be an exceptional client.

Hypnotic Dreams

80,000 Page Views

Look at this.

This is amazing. It isn't that long ago that I was celebrating my blog reaching 75,000 page views.

The next milestones I mark here will be for 90,000 and 100,000 page views respectively.


Affected, Part 3 - After The Gas

Following on from the original post here and the part where I narrate the fantasy of knocking out Cassie in her own bedroom with a spray of anaesthetic xenon gas in this post here, the fantasy now continues.

In her room, I lift her up and prop her on the side of the bed, sitting on the floor. She is out cold. I have brought in a few bits and pieces with me, in a knapsack which I take off and put on the ground. Some oxygen in a small bottle to flush out the xenon, and in another bottle a gaseous hypnotic agent. Only a trace, to keep her lightly sleepy and prevent her from coming fully to once the heavy dose of xenon wore off.

After a time, I hear her moan softly as she tries to come out of her drugged stupor. I turn up the volume of the hypnotic a tiny amount, and down she goes again, her chin resting against her chest.

I pop headphones on her, and turn on an MP3 I've brought along. I cut back the hypnotic altogether; it has a very rapid assimilation and is expelled easily, but not before the subject enters a deep trance state, in which I can implant some useful triggers, all of which are in my MP3.

I watch her as she listens intently to them. Once in a while the MP3 asks her 'Do you understand?' All I see is the occasional 'yes' from her as her unconscious takes in another instruction.

I pause the MP3 a moment. 'Tell me truthfully, now, Cassie: do you like girls?'

Cassie moans softly and smiles. 'Yessss,' she hisses softly.

'Do you like boys?'

'Yessss.' No hesitation. Bisexual. Sweet.

'I'm going to give you more instructions now. Do you understand?'


I turn on the MP3 and let it run. I've only got three more instructions to give her, and then the MP3 runs out and leaves her in a trance to pick up further instructions from me.

One 'yes,' and another a short time later, and finally a third 'Yes,' and that's it. I take off the MP3 and look at her as she sits there, propped against the bed, limp as a rag doll. I remove the mask over her face and mine, once the air is clear.

'And now,' I tell her, 'here is what you are going to go. You can open your eyes and look around. It will be you, the unconscious, inside there and you will follow my instructions.'

'Yes,' Cassie says, opening her eyes and looking up at me.

'Get up now, Cassie.'

Cassie stands up on unsteady feet.

'In a moment, I will tell you to go back to the vanity, but first there is something you can do for me. Take off your clothes.'

Her face expressionless, Cassie slowly removes her underwear, standing naked in front of me. I have a camera and snap a few pics of her.

'Here.' I pick up her pack of cigarettes and offer her one. Automatically, she accepts one and lets me light it for her as I take a few more pictures of her smoking.

'Open the curtains. Go and stand in front of the window.'

Still smoking, Cassie makes her way over to the window and stands in the window, her expression blank as she stares out the window at nothing in particular while people just go by in the street, three floors below, totally oblivious to this gorgeous naked woman standing there.

'Go to the vanity now. Sit down.'

Cassie goes back to the vanity and sits down naked.

'I'm going in a moment,' I tell her, 'but once you hear the front door close, your conscious mind comes back after a few minutes. You'll not remember anything of this. You'll just go back to doing your hair and getting ready for a good night out. Understand?'


I think of one last thing and whisper an instruction in her ear. Cassie smiles. 'Yessss.' Her voice is sibilant, anticipatory. By George, I think I've hooked her.

Grinning, I leave the apartment, closing the door, and head for my flat. Plenty of time now. I only have to wait, and watch the video feed in her room.

The camera's still there, but Cassie's unconscious mind will now edit it out - her conscious mind won't see it, and won't know that it's there. She finishes her cigarette, picks up her brush from the floor and goes back to brushing her long hair, oblivious to the fact that she is naked.

Later, she gets up from the chair, crosses over to the bed and puts on her dress for the evening - a low-cut slinky red thing with straps. On go her shoes, her handbag goes over her shoulder and, like that, Cassie is ready to hit the town.

I hear the door slam. A moment later, there is a knock on the door. I open it. Cassie is standing in the doorway. I smile and say 'Hi.' The moment she locks eyes with me, I watch as her libido climbs up through the roof; her breath catches, her face flushes. Her pupils dilate.


'Can I help you?'

'Hey, I was just wondering something.' Cassie shuffles her feet. 'I'm going out, but I was wondering if you could ...'

My smile broadens. 'Could what?'

Nervous smile. 'Could you come out with me tonight?'

I pause for a moment. 'Sure.'

Her puppylike enthusiasm is infectious. 'Great!'

'Can you give me a moment? I need to change into something.'

'Sure thing.'

'I'll leave the door open,' I tell her, and wander into the interior of my apartment. 'Come on in, if you like. Grab a cuppa while I'm changing.'

'Sure.' I hear her footsteps as she follows me into my place. I lead her into the kitchen and sit her down.

'Grab a cuppa,' I tell her. 'I just put the kettle on.' As she looks for the kettle, she spots a sign sitting above it. One of the triggers I've implanted. Her face goes slack for a moment. I remove the sign, turn to face her.

'I'm going to change in front of you,' I tell her. 'You will find it perfectly normal to see me naked.'

'Yes,' I hear Cassie say. A moment later, she blinks and continues across the kitchen to make her tea.

Two minutes later, while she is sitting at the table drinking the tea, I wander in carrying the clothes I'm going to put on.

'What do you think? Blue or black?' I hold up two shirts.

'Oh, go with the black,' Cassie replies.

'Cool.' I strip off my shirt, wander around topless as she watches.

'So where are you going tonight?' I ask her.

'Oh, the usual,' Cassie replies. I slip off my jeans and stand in front of her wearing only my underpants. 'Students Union bar. You know I'm a student at University?'

'Really? That's amazing.' I strip off my underwear and stand naked in front of her for several seconds. Cassie doesn't even blink, but carries on drinking the tea.

I grin and pick up my best trousers to put on as she finishes her tea. This is going to be a very entertaining evening.

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Guest Post - Chloroform Trigger (video)

Another guest post, this one is also something I believe I can do better.


Guest Post - Tranquiliser Dart Trigger (video)

This is a request post from one of my latest subjects. I'm sure I can do better than this. Any takers? :)

Watch for a second guest post this time tomorrow.


Affected, Part 2 - A Fantasy

Further to the article here, where I described what some of you like - namely, to be overcome by gas - so I thought I'd write up a fantasy scenario, based on something I have been able to do in a fashion with my clients.

If you realise that this is something I can do with some of my clients through suggestion, and that the effect is as powerful as anything you can imagine, some of you might be wondering about the sort of man I am with a little trepidation.

And others, perhaps, with desire to try it out for yourselves.

Her name is Cassie. She is single, in her twenties, not currently involved with anyone in particular. To me, she looks a little bit like that celeb Jennifer Lawrence. Okay, maybe she looks a lot like her.

I watch her on occasion, coming in and out of her flat. Voyeurism is a crime, of course, as is stalking; but befriending her, ingratiating my way into her life, those are not crimes; and I do like her as a friend.

I've helped her several times over the last few months. She's never invited me in to her place, but I've seen enough of the interior of her place to know that she's got no alarms, just the one entrance - and that means just one key.

A key which I arranged to duplicate without her knowing.

Tonight is the night. I heard that she is going out clubbing. She doesn't have friends to go out with; she just goes out alone. I never see her bring anybody back - no men, no women, nobody.

Earlier this afternoon, while she'd gone out to the shops to get some supplies, I'd used the duplicate key to enter her room. She had no pets to worry about. The best place would have to be her bedroom - and it didn't take long to work out the best spot to put the package: right under her bed, just behind her box of dildos and porn mags (to my amazement, they were all of women; no men featured in any of her skin mags. They were also pretty old, many of them: I guess she was now using tumblr for her regular fuck fixes like everybody else nowadays.

There was an ashtray on her vanity. Naughty. I had no idea she smoked.

I pushed the bottle under the bed, trailing the hose so the end of it barely poked out from beneath the bedsheet. Over her bed was a bookshelf - I took a risk and planted a tiny camera on the shelf, wedged between an unread copy of Fifty Shades of Grey and an equally unread copy of one of the Twilight books. It didn't look as if Cassie would be coming anywhere near this part of her bookshelf any day now.

After that, there was nothing to do but to head out and lock up behind me, and wait for her to turn up. She always comes back to the flat to get herself ready for a night out; regular as clock, she'd be out the door at eight. You could set your clock by it.

You could also set your clock by the time she comes in from work, too: 18:30 hours, every evening without fail; the sound of her key being turned in the door, and the door closing.

18:30, and there it is. Keys, door slam. Footsteps. I turn on the monitor and watch the live video feed. Around 18:45, in she comes into the bedroom. I watch as she strips to her underwear, wondering if she is going to hit the showers first or just change without cleaning up first. She decides not to wash first, but sits at her vanity staring in the mirror in her underwear. Dirty girl.

I watch her as she lights up a cigarette and sits smoking, brushing her long blonde hair in the mirror. I wait till she's put the cigarette out before arming the cylinder and turning on the remote control that releases the gas into the room.

There's usually a demand for some sort of nitrous oxide with what I do. I would love to see her start to giggle, then chuckle and ultimately roll about the floor in hysterics - but there's plenty of time for that. Today, I just want to knock her out.

The gas takes immediate effect. Xenon is very fast like that. Very expensive stuff. Colourless, odourless, but the tiniest whiff of it works like a wonder. Cassie blinks a little more now. Every breath draws more of the gas into her lungs. Cassie yawns, shaking her head. The brush is like a lead weight in her hands. She can barely keep a hold on it as she drops it onto the vanity; I watch it bounces off the vanity onto the floor as Cassie's head nods. She turns to look at the brush lying on the floor, and of course when she bends down to pick it up it brings her into the ever-increasingly powerful cloud of xenon gas which has been spreading across the floor and creeping up past her long, shapely legs.

I watch as she slowly slumps to the floor, crumpling into a pile of shapely flesh and delicate lingerie. Holding the gas open a moment longer to make sure, I decide she's far enough under and shut off the flow.

I only have a few minutes before the xenon wears off. I put on my gas mask and get the keys ready. There's a lot of work to do and only a little time left to get it done.

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