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TV Tropes On Mind Control and Corruption

I'm occasionally drawn to the TV Tropes site.

I even have an editing account there, would you believe it - though I've only added one entry so far.

Today, I stumbled upon a trope that really fits what Hypnotic Erotic, and the Cassie / Alison story in particular, is all about.

TV Trope - More Than Mind Control

"Also, it can overlap directly with actual mind control. In many instances, More Than Mind Control is simply a method of making the process of the takeover easier, because by removing their resistance to your ideas, you remove the struggle in taking control of their thoughts. By having them submit to you, they essentially hand their free will over to you, making your spell or device much more effective on them. It also makes it harder for them to revert, because they now have an active resistance towards their own original beliefs.

"More Than Mind Control requires charisma, finesse and a lot of patience, but villains usually don't mind because they find it so much more satisfying. They also get a great deal of amusement out of telling the victim's friends, "I didn't force him to do anything he didn't want to do." It's also more resistant to the powers of friendship and love. Plus, it's just a lot cooler to watch. Villains don't even necessarily need special powers to do it, if they can goad the hero into doing something they'll regret by pushing the right buttons. The Corrupter in particular is a master of the art."

I particularly adore the last sentence in this passage.

The Corrupter in particular
is a master of the art."

Go ahead. Taste my wares. What possible harm could it do?

Japanese News ... sort of

Imagine if you could hypnotise a television news anchor or presenter to do something like this on the late night news.


Hypnosis News - Dr Paret Again [video]

Italian hypnotherapist and tutor Dr Paret appears in another video. This time, an induction without words.

Italian subtitles.


Hypnosis News - Italian Reportage [video]

Here's a TV news report on hypnosis, as used in that Italian robbery.

English subtitles, German background narrative, Italian running commentary.

I love the internet.

This is not the last of Dr Paret in this blog.

And how many of you out there would have loved it if Dr Paret had given the reporter a demonstration of his street hypnosis technique to entrance the presenter and get her to remove all of her clothes for the TV?


Hypnosis News - Russian Journalist Hypnotised And Robbed [video]

Continuing the theme of daylight hypnotic robbery, here's a Russian video describing how a journalist came under the influence of what the Russians call "Gypsy hypnosis."


Hypnosis News - Italian Hypno Robbery [video]

This news item appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper in 2008.

'Look into my eyes'

Italian police have issued video footage of a man who has been hypnotizing supermarket checkout staff and getting them to hand over the cash.

In every case, according to reports, the last thing staff remember is a man leaning over and saying 'Look into my eyes' before suddenly finding the till is empty.

Well, here is a video of CCTV footage showing the entranced woman and the robber just helping himself.

This blog will be looking at this unscrupulous use of hypnosis throughout the weekend.

Hypnosis News: Entranced?

LONDON — British police are hunting for a thief who was caught on surveillance video putting a shopkeeper into a "trance" before picking his pockets. The suspect was seen repeatedly touching the arm and chest of 56-year-old victim Aftab Haider and making a series of gestures that appeared to render him unable to move. With Haider seemingly spellbound, the suspect took his wallet and the day's takings before leaving the Hops and Pops store in north London less than 50 seconds later.

The victim was "momentarily totally unaware of what has happened to him," Detective Sgt. Dave Bullock of London's Metropolitan Police said. "The suspect's distraction tactics seemed to have put him into a trance leaving him open to be robbed." Detective Chief Inspector Marco Bardetti told NBC News: "We have spoken to experts in the hypnosis field and it appears to have been some sort of parlor trick. It's the first crime I've seen of its kind."

Police said the suspect told Haider his wife was pregnant and she needed some bottled water. The incident, which happened on September 11 but was only made public by police on Friday, caused the London Evening Standard newspaper to speculate whether the victim had been hypnotized. Asked if this was the case, Haider's wife, who asked not to be named, told NBC News: "We don't know. My husband is a very compassionate man and he was listening to a sob story from this person very late at night. We not quite sure what happened at this point."

- Alexander Smith

Read the article here:- NBC News


Affected, Part 18: Back Home With Alison

I woke late this morning. A life of leisure, indeed.

On the way down to the dining room, wearing only my dressing gown, I heard a chair scraping against the floor, and the sound of cutlery on fine china. It had to be Alison: the help did not live in, but came in on demand.

I pushed open the door, and sure enough it was Alison, sitting across the room at the end of the big table, enjoying what looked like a full English breakfast. She was wearing a dressing gown. It looked like Cassie's.

'How did you get that?'

Alison looked up. 'I raided the kitchen and cooked it.'

'Oh, cool. Is there any more food back in the kitchen?'

'Last time I saw, yes.'

I went into the kitchen and checked the fridge. Sausages, bacon, eggs. I put on the frying pan and whipped up my own breakfast.

Alison stood in the doorway. 'I had the last of the mushrooms and tomatoes. Sorry.'

'That's all right.'

'Hey, I'd like to hang with you today, if you haven't got anything else to do.'

'Sure thing, Alison.' I started putting the breakfast onto a plate. ' Care to stick around in the dining room if you've eaten?'

'I'd love to, sure.'

Alison sat and watched me eat.

'Hey, I've got a question for you.'

I looked up at Alison. 'Go ahead.' Alison looked hesitant a moment. I frowned. 'Is there a problem?'

Alison sighed and leaned forwards. 'I have to ask ... do you like me?'

I put down my knife and fork. 'What do you mean?'

'How long has it been since we moved in here, all three of us?'

'A while.'

'Well, in that time you and Cassie have been enjoying each other pretty freely. You've shagged her in your room, in the library, right here on the table, on the lawn outside, in the car parked in front, in the swimming pool.'

I nodded. 'And?'

'Well, in all that time you've not laid a finger on me.' Alison frowned. 'Do you think there's something wrong with me? Is that it?'

I got up and crossed over to where Alison sat. Carefully, I put my hand over hers. She made no move to pull her hand away.

'I'm laying a finger on you now.'

Alison looked up at me. 'You do more than touch Cassie.' Her eyes were earnest; hungry.

'Get up.' She stood up slowly, facing me. I touched her shoulders. Her body was shivering under the thin dressing gown.

Outside, the rain battered the glass of the dining room patio doors.

Alison slowly slipped off the dressing gown, let it crumple to the ground. She was wearing nothing underneath.

'It's cold here.' Alison glanced towards the ceiling. 'Let's go to your room.'

We held hands as we climbed the stairs, and Alison slipped her arm in mine as we walked into the master bedroom. I could hear her breathing growing shallow with anticipation. I turned to face her, and put my hand on her chest to feel her heart hammering.

'You know why I've not touched you so far?'

Alison shook her head.

I leaned closer to her to whisper in her ear. 'Cassie and I; we've got a good thing going. We're enjoying each other's company. It's fun making her laugh, and the sex is great. But I did not want to come over as some creepy lech with you. You could see the fun we were having, but I wanted you to come to me to join in, of your own free will with your eyes wide open.'

I stayed where I was, slipping my hands around her waist. We stood in the middle of the room, the carpet warm beneath our bare feet. Silence, bar the rainfall outside, the creak of the building as it settled, and our breathing. Alison pressed her body against mine, shivering, and wrapped her arms about my shoulders.

'You might have been afraid of me, Alison. Afraid that I might want to hurt you.'

'I didn't fear you.' Alison looked in my eyes. 'I've fancied you since the moment I saw you.'

Her kiss was warm. Her breath smelled of breakfast. My lips and teeth caressed her lower lip; Alison moaned and shuddered. One of the instructions I'd slipped her - kissing and touching her lower lip was a trigger to release the hormones oxytocin and dopamine into her body. I nibbled her lower lip and I felt the pleasure shooting through her. She could easily have come on the spot if I carried on kissing her there, but I had something else planned.

I stroked the back of her neck, running my fingers through her hair, and listened to her breathing into my shoulder. Her nipples were hard with arousal against my dressing gown. I kissed her bare shoulder: her most sensitive erogenous zone.

'Do you want to get into the bed now?'

Alison's voice was breathy with passion and arousal. Her fingers gripped my shoulders convulsively. 'Yes. Oh, yes. Please, yes.'

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Hypnosis News: Ohio Attorney Suspended Over Hypnosis Allegations

An attorney from Ohio has been suspended following allegations that he used hypnosis on women for his pleasure.

Short story: Sheffield Village attorney Michael Fine was suspended 2014 11 24 by order of an emergency motion placed by the Lorain County Bar Association.

A court spokesman said Tuesday that it's rare for the court to suspend an attorney before a disciplinary hearing.

In the article, Fine managed to hypnotise women numerous times - on the phone and in meetings. One client was entranced when Fine allegedly spoke of relaxation techniques as a prelude to attempting a hypnotic induction. His alleged victims claimed to have experienced a sense of missing time. Fine was caught out when one of the suspicious women accepted a wire from the law, and one of their sessions was recorded revealing Fine discussing sex acts - presumably with her unconscious mind, which would have been interesting to see.

So, tists - be careful, everybody. And remember my code of ethics at the top of this page. That "My Fun Is Your Fun" stuff.


Affected, Part 17 - The Professor


The rain wakes me up in the mornings, these days. I'm up so early, and I sit on the bed watching the rain fall. The bed is pushed up against the window, and the will is only a few inches above the level of the bed - so I sit with the window open, watching the rain fall outside.

Next to me, Alison stirs. She usually wakes up much later than me.

We've moved out of town. There's a lovely place just outside of town, high up, with a gorgeous view of the sea in the distance and rolling hills all around. It is so quiet where we are living now.

This isn't our place. We both live with that guy who used to live next door. He won big on the lotto, or something, and the first thing he did was to buy up this property and move out. Second thing he did was to install me and Alison in his place with him.

I don't know what he wants of us; he doesn't sleep with Alison. And he only sleeps with me when I give him my consent. We don't do threesomes. Sure he's older, short and hairy, but he isn't gross. But he is really, really hot for some reason, especially when I'm near enough to him to hear him breathing.

I'm always falling asleep in this place. I think it's the rainfall.

Mornings are dark these days, towards the end of November. This Monday morning, though, I'm up early for a reason. I've got to discuss my essay with Professor Kennedy. Doctor Anita Kennedy is my tutor, and my master has asked me to bring her to him next.

Yes, for some reason I've been describing him as "my Master" for the last few weeks. He seems to like being called that. He also likes it when Alison calls him "Master," too.

He has worked with me in preparing the essay that I am to present to Doctor Kennedy. It is full of hypnotic instructions designed to induce a powerful state of trance in whoever reads it. I've done my research, and cited my sources - nothing about the essay turns up on Turnitin, because it is original. It just happens also to be very, very hypnotic.

It's 11:30 am, ad I'm waiting outside the Professor's. She's just come back from delivering a morning lecture, and she's told me to wait outside until she is ready to call me in.

I'm sitting here, listening to the rain drumming against the skylight. In the corner, the secretary Miss Stroud is filing, her fingers tapping across the keyboard. She moves the mouse, checking the screen, then looks at me. 'Professor Kennedy will see you now.'

Inside the office, Professor Kennedy is sitting at her desk. The rain is pouring down outside. The sound of the rain pounding against the glass is very soothing. The Professor is an elegant, mature woman with short hair going slightly grey. She is wearing a dark blue suit. I know that she has recently been divorced - her wedding photo is face down on her desk.

Her eyelids are already heavy as she stares at the screen. I sit and watch as she reads the article, scrolling forwards through it. The instructions scattered throughout my work have been having a cumulative effect on her, virtually from the first sentence; her eyes roll and she blinks, her head drooping and jerking awake, drooping again and jerking awake. And still she pushes through, oblivious to everything and everyone, utterly unmindful of her surroundings - probably not even aware of what time it is, or what day it is even.

'Do you want to sleep?' I ask her.

'Yes.' The whisper is barely audible. It comes straight from her unconscious mind. The Master told me to watch for this.

'Sleep now,' I tell her. Professor Kennedy rolls her head back. Her eyes close. She lets out a cough, and her body is still.

I leave it a few seconds, then begin. 'Anita,' I tell her, 'you can open your eyes and look around when I tell you. You, the unconscious, will be in control. Do you understand?'

'Yes.' Again, the flat whisper.

'You will do what I say. Do you understand?'


'Open your eyes now. Look at me.'

I watch Anita open her eyes and look at me with calm eyes.

I fish around in my pocket for a piece of paper. 'Call this number.' I give her the number to call. Anita dials the number. A few seconds later, the Master answers the phone. Anita stares ahead silently.

'Yes,' she says, after a few seconds. Then 'Yes,' again, after a few more seconds. She starts to smile. A blush appears on her face. Her breathing deepens a little. She grunts softly.

After a minute of this, Professor Kennedy puts the phone down and spreads her legs behind the desk. She looks at me.

'Apparently, the Master says that Miss Stroud has read the essay before I did. Miss Stroud called him, earlier.'

I look at her. Her hand is dipping under the desk. 'Oh.'

Professor Kennedy sends for Miss Stroud, who enters the room a few seconds later. The Professor looks up at Miss Stroud.

'Hannah, I'm trying to find a hardcopy file. I don't think it's been scanned yet. Can you see if you can find it in the archive for me?'

'Sure thing,' Miss Stroud replies. 'What is it called?'

'It's called "White Horses," darling.'

Miss Stroud blinks. She shakes her head. The trigger takes effect. Her eyelids grow heavy. Her head droops. In seconds, Miss Stroud is sinking into a trance herself before my eyes.

'The Master told me something before he hung up,' Anita tells me. 'He tells me that Hannah and I are both yours to command.' Her hand is dipping inside her panties; she is masturbating furiously. As I watch, Hannah opens her eyes and looks at me.

'Well, then' I tell them, a huge smile spreading across my face, 'what shall we do today?'

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Celebrities On Gas: Gates McFadden

The first of an occasional series where real celebrities relate experiences of being under medical gases.

This first is a casual tweet from Gates McFadden:-

If any celebs tweet of being given nitrous, or discuss going under, I'll post links - and if available, photos - here.


One Year On, Part 1

Today, at this precise moment, marks one year on since the Great Hiatus.

That's the brief period of time during which I was in hospital, recovering from my surgery.

09:00 on Wednesday, 2013 11 06 was the last hour in which I had a gall bladder. The surgeons took that away. The bladder, and the gallstones which had been plaguing me for years.

It has been a year since that day, but I still remember that day as if it were yesterday. Getting up at a viciously early hour; putting on the clothes I'd be wearing to the hospital; the bag packed and ready to go.

The waiting room in the surgery ward, just waiting for my name to be called. 09:00, they were ready. Me, shuffling along in my gown and slippers, looking back to find that my folks had split. Hadn't even stopped to wait for me to wave back at them. Or maybe they just had to go while they were having good memories of me, and not remember me the way I looked shambling along the corridor, looking most undignified.

I was taken to the prep room and told to lie down on the trolley. They were about to spike my left arm, when I told them I was left-handed, so they stuck the catheter into my right hand instead. When my back was turned, they turned on, I tuned in and I dropped out. That was it till the pretty nurse woke me up.

I think they hire pretty nurses just to greet people coming up out of anaesthetic. That might be their only function, because I never saw her again afterwards.

Tune in to to To Scape the Serpent's Tongue for part 2.


One Hundred Thousand Page Views

So today marked a real milestone. Hypnotic Erotic surpassed 100,000 hits.

Gas Videos - My Wishlist

There are a number of TV series and movies where gas scenes feature. I would love to get a few clips from the following list.

The Six Million Dollar Man

The Bionic Woman - any and all of the fembot gas scenes, in particular

The gas scene from the Space: 1999 episode "The Bringers Of Wonder," part 2 - actually, here's the whole episode. Go to 40:19 to see the start of the gas scene

The laughing gas scene from the Star Trek Animated Series episode "The Practical Joker"

The movie "How To Steal The World" (The Man From UNCLE, 1968)

Numerous episodes of the Sixties Batman series featuring gas scenes, Batspray and so on

The episode of the Seventies show The Invisible Man starring David McCallum, where he sneaks through a hospital reception and turns on a bottle of anaesthetic gas to knock everybody out. I believe it was the final episode before the series got cancelled, titled "An Attempt To Save Face."

If you would like to post your wishlists, feel free to comment.

Doomsday Rock Gassing Scene

This is the gassing scene from the 1997 movie "Doomsday Rock," broadcast in the UK as "Cosmic Shock." I've been looking for this scene for some time. Video quality sometimes goes a bit screwy here and there, because it appears to be an ancient VHS taping by the looks of it, but it looks clear for the good bits.

This blog is on the verge of one hundred thousand page views. I would love to see my hit count breach the 100k mark tonight.


Affected, Part 16 - Dreamy

I thought I'd let Cassie and Alison enjoy one another's company before moving on to the next phase.

After the really sexy dance-off where they showed their moves to one another, and got really turned on, I watched them through the various microcams I'd planted in Cassie's place as they made their way to the shower. There, they spent a good long while soaping each other up and getting thoroughly turned on.

Only part of their arousal was natural: much of it was actually my programming, triggering increasing levels of sexual attraction between the two and a desire to seduce one another.

Cassie's playful soaping was becoming teasing; her light finger caresses stroking the underside of Alison's breasts. Alison closed her eyes with pleasure.

It was getting steamy in the shower, and not just from all the steam from the hot water fogging up the camera lens. As I watched, Alison turned and began to reciprocate, her fingers seeking out all of Cassie's erogenous zones and awakening them.

I regretted not having a sound pickup in the shower. I would probably not have been able to hear what they were saying over the noise of the shower anyway, but they were talking as they caressed one another's wet, glistening, soaped-up bodies. The way Cassie was moving, her hips casually bumping Alison's over and over, I could guess what they were talking about.

Then they kissed; a long, passionate kiss. I zoomed in; they were giving one another tongue.

Cassie jolted the whole length of her body. I must have missed something. Alison giggled and brought up her hand. She'd touched Cassie underneath. They were almost ready.

I watched them leave the shower and grab towels, then head into the bedroom, still dripping wet. They were clearly going to towel one another off there. This was a good thing, because the next phase was due to start there.

Cassie began toweling down Alison, gentle strokes of the towel caressing Alison's erogenous zones - her neck, the undersides of her breasts, her hips. Then it was Alison's turn to towel off Cassie, following up the towel with a kiss planted on Cassie's flushed skin. Neck. Shoulder. A cheeky nibble on one of Cassie's nipples. Her navel. Cassie rolled up her eyes when Alison licked the area around Cassie's bellybutton.

Then they made their way onto the bed, Cassie climbing on first and taking Alison by the hand. She lay down and Alison climbed on top of her, straddling Cassie, their hands flashing all over one another's bodies, playfully seeking out each other's hotspots.

I touched a button on a remote control. Presently, Alison and Cassie began yawning, blinking. Their movements began to slow down. Their limbs were getting heavy. Alison was struggling to keep her head up. She began to sway, her head nodding and drooping as Cassie closed her eyes and slipped into slumber, courtesy of the gas which was filling the room.

I slipped on my gas mask. It was time to head back into Cassie's place to deliver the next set of instructions.

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October's Performance - Breaking All My Records

As of the date and time of writing, the monthly total so far for Hypnotic Erotic is 8,121 hits.

Last month's was 8,059 hits.

This month has had individual days whose hit total was more than 400 - this month's is a truly astonishing figure for me.

Want some other good news?

As of the time of writing this post, Hypnotic Erotic has received more than 98,300 hits. The blog only needs just short of 1,700 hits to reach one hundred thousand hits.


Affected, Part 15 - Getting Steamy


The phone rang again. I picked it up and listened. There was nothing on the end of the line. Just someone muttering. Not sure what the voice was saying. I passed the phone over to Alison, who listened for a few seconds before putting the phone down.

'Who was that?'

Alison shrugged. 'Come on. I've had an idea.' She took me by the hand. 'I could do with a shower.'

For some reason I couldn't fathom, so did I.

We both wandered into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and let the water pour down onto my hand.

'I want to get wet,' Alison said, her hands touching herself between her legs.

'So do I.' The water was getting hot. Steam was starting to rise.

'I want it to get nice and hot,' I tell Alison. I could see how she couldn't stop her hands dipping deep into her vulva. 'Good enough. Come on.'

We got into the shower booth. The hot water poured on our bodies, making us both shudder. Hot steamy air filled out lungs.

'You're panting.'

I looked at Alison. 'So are you.'

'Yeah. I can hardly breathe.' She was close enough to me that her breasts were pressing against mine.

I grabbed the soap and began to rub soap onto Alison's shoulders and neck, caressing her skin with soapy fingers. 'Like that?'

Alison was biting her lip as I began moving my hands down to her chest and her breasts. My fingers began to caress her nipples, which hardened as she gasped. From there, I moved to massaging her breasts, stroking the lower half of her boobs with light finger strokes, letting the shower water pour down over them, washing the suds away. Alison stood, her eyes closed, holding her breath as I continued to stroke her breasts.

'Lower.' I caught Alison's moan, and began sliding a hand down across her belly, towards her navel and beyond. When I reached her belly button, I circled it with a fingertip. Alison shuddered.

'Oh my God,' I heard her moan. 'Do that again. Please.'

I turned her around and, while kissing the side of her neck, reached around and stroked her belly button again, this time feeling her body shiver beneath my fingers. Hot soap scent was everywhere. I loved Alison's skin, tasting so clean and fresh with a slightly sharp tang.

'Do you like this?' My voice was a whisper. My hand slid down between her legs. Alison threw her head back and gasped. 'Mmm,' I crooned. 'Looks like you do.'

'I only came here to - ooh! - to ask how you were doing,' Alison stammered. 'Why am I sharing the shower with you?'

I said nothing; merely continued to nibble at her neck.

Alison suddenly stopped and turned to face me, grinning. 'My turn.'

I kissed her lips. 'Thought you'd never ask,' I crooned.

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Circles, A New Hypnotic Pattern

Watch the pattern. Allow your eyes to be drawn towards the centre of the circle. Just let your eyes land on that spot and stay there. No matter what, your eyes will continue to stay where they are - as if some magnetic force of increasing strength was pulling your gaze into the centre, drawing it back again and again, making it hard for you to do anything but stay staring at the centre of the image.

You will find everything slipping away as you get progressively relaxed. It will seem at one point that you are on the verge of going under completely; when you reach that point, you will click on this link and let the instructions on that page allow you to complete your journey towards that blissful state you are struggling towards.



Cassie's stories are still going to continue in this blog. I've had a major contract handed to me, which will require my full, intensive attention for the next five days.

However, rest assured, Cassie and Alison are still set for more mindblowing fun. How does a shower scene strike you? That is what's next for Cassie and Alison.

I'm also working on a separate story with Pat - remember Pat, of the recent video posts where she tried to read out my hypnotic blog pages? Her. She and I will be roleplaying a little scenario together. I've worked out some things for her to do over the next few days. Expect to see some interesting activities as Pat investigates what appears to be a costumed supervillain, name of "Subliminal."

All these are to come on Hypnotic Erotic. Watch for them.



There is a sports bra web site which has been bookmarked for years. I just loaded it and discovered that the site has been updated.

Shock Absorber Bounceometer


Music To Arouse, Part 5 - Pied Piper Track 043

This is an actual Pied Piper track that I use on many of my clients. I've posted it to tumblr. You can download the track from there.

Pied Piper 043 (link opens to tumblr)

Music To Arouse, Part 4

Here's one of my favourites, Nash the Slash, with "Swing Shift (Soixante Neuf)":-

Music To Arouse, Part 3

Here's one music video played during the dance-off scene of my ongoing fantasy: "I've Got An Angel" by Eurythmics.

Seducer Song - A Poem

Seducer Song

Take a look, world.
Take a good, long look
Through my eyes.
They say an empath
Can read people's emotions
As if they were their own.
What they don't say
Don't know
Can't imagine
Is that we can take your feelings
Wrap ours around them
Project them into the hearts
And minds of others
Make you see the way we see
Feel the world how we feel.

I am an empath.
I am one of those who
Hears the songs and screams
Of your heart
Shows you the mirror
Reflections of your feelings
The drowning tides of passion
Hard wet fever
Joy and suffering
Fear, mortal fear oh so real
And, of course,
My favourite emotion.

My words are aimed at desire.
Words in my poems
Zipping along wires or on the air
On pages in my blog
They reach into the cold
Heart of you where the
Emotions lie dormant
They breathe life on the embers
The dark and the ashes and the ice
Bring embers into strengthening spark
Spark into flickering flame
Guttering flame into roaring fire
Passion's fire into searing inferno
Blazing in your chest
Feel it spread throughout your body
Radiating from your face
Blood rich in dopamine
Desire awakened and roused
Passions stirring
Tinged with guilt
That you should feel this way
A little fear -
What if people see? -
But then my words surge up
Again, the flood
Washing, drowning out
The chilling vestiges of fear
Ice melting in your breast
In your soul
As you wonder what
The hell you are drinking.

My words are oxygen
To your hunger
Petrol on the wild fire
Of your desire
A carbon rod to
Your nuclear lust
And I watch vigilantly as
The heat streams from you
Head body heart and soul
Rising from flushing faces
Bodies shifting with discomfort
And arousal
Shimmering with the heat haze
Of longing
Eager to be away
Anywhere but in public
Hungry to share the fever
With the one who stoked the fire
With seducer song
With hypnotist's croon
Lingering deep in your burning soul
Long after the echoes
Of the words themselves
Have died.


Affected, Part 14: Dance-Off


The more I thought about what I was going to do, the more and more turned on I was feeling.

While the kettle was boiling, I decided to nip into my room and get changed. Alison was still sitting in the living room, listening to the MP3, zonked out of her gourd, so obviously she didn't see me.

I just realised that she'd seen me going into the bedroom, so she might expect me to be coming back out of the bedroom. This suited me just fine, because I'd had this really hot idea.

I was finally dressed when I heard Alison stirring.


'Just a minute.' I checked myself in the vanity mirror. 'Ready.'

I was wearing a blouse and the short skirt I occasionally like to wear to uni to fuck with the mind of my Ethics lecturer. When I came into the living room, I was barefoot.

As I came in, I heard the kettle boiling. 'I'll get us some tea.'

A while later, we were enjoying the tea. Alison was sitting across from me in the high-backed comfy chair next to the radiator, which is where I normally sit when the weather gets cold. Me, I was sitting on the sofa. I'd put my notes on the coffee table, and we were discussing the plans for the following night's session in the studio - what we'd planned, when we were going to rehearse the podcast and all of that.

I watched Alison throughout. At first she seemed a little surprised; but after a few minutes, she felt comfortable. Even a little turned on. Our chat was cordial, businesslike, but Alison was clearly getting distracted.

Finally, she raised her hand. 'Cassie, there is something I have to ask.'


'Why are you wearing no knickers underneath? I mean, since you and me sat down here, the past ten minutes you've been spreading your legs and flashing your shaven pussy at me.'


Alison fanned her flushing face. 'I wouldn't mind, but you're incredibly distracting.'

'I didn't know you were into girls. I thought you were with Dick.'

'Mike. And I was. But we broke up, remember?' Beads of perspiration were forming on her forehead. Alison got up. 'Look, I'm sorry, I've got to go -'

'No, wait.' I got up and went over to her, touching her arm. 'Please. I'm - I'm sorry. Okay? I - I didn't think you'd ... you'd mind ...'

Alison turned to look at me. 'I know.' She bit her lip. 'Just that I just split up with Dick and I don't know where I am right now and -'

'Mike,' I said.


'Mike. You called him "Dick."'

Alison snorted. 'Now you've got me doing it.'

The kiss was a surprise. I felt her arms sweeping around me, her soft lips pressing against mine, and her delightful scent. And then the lust surged up and that was it.

So it started with Alison sitting on the sofa, watching me dance. I put on I've Got An Angel by Eurythmics while I danced; it was my big sister's favourite track when we were kids. I only remember that it always made me hot, even though I couldn't describe how it made me feel.

The power of imagination goes right to my head
The power of imagination goes right to my head
The power of imagination goes right to my head
The power of imagination goes right to my head
And I said ...

I pulled open my blouse a little so Alison could see. I drew my fingers between my breasts and pressed them to my lips, then leaned over and kissed Alison's lips so she could taste me. The music changed, and I continued to dance for her, shedding my blouse and letting it drop to the floor. I had my bra on, and my skirt, and that was it.

Turning away from her, I gyrated my backside at her, occasionally flashing my bare behind and exposed pussy at her. As I turned back, my bra came off and I was dancing topless in front of her. Alison was getting so hot; fanning her face, loosening her blouse as I edged closer to her, grinding my hips provocatively as if to invite her tongue and fingers to come and meet me.

Alison held up her hand. 'My turn,' she whispered, getting up. 'Sit.'

Now it was her turn to dance, putting on something hot I hadn't heard before. Watching her hips swaying, I felt myself getting wet underneath. It was a long track, and she was taking her sweet time to take off her blouse. She was just teasing me, and it felt like it as going on all night. But finally, she had the blouse off, and after a few twirls her bra was off too, and she was just dancing in her jeans. I can't remember when she'd taken off her shoes.

When her jeans began to slide down to the ground, I was already touching myself underneath, my fingers dipping into my wet juices as Alison slowly edged closer to me, her hips gyrating in time with the beat, opening her legs so she could straddle me.

'Christ, if you knew how wet this was making me,' she whispered. I looked down at her muff and saw glistening down there.

'I can see,' I replied. I wanted to dance with her. Something in the track.

'I don't remember downloading this,' I said.

'I answered your text. I don't remember what it said, but there was this soundtrack on your music system and I thought I'd play it.'

My hips were gyrating along with hers. I couldn't stand it any more. I had to get up and dance with her. My skirt hit the floor in a rumpled pile. We were so close that we could feel each other's hot breath on our bodies. I could catch her scent, feel the heat from her body coming off in waves.

The music seemed to be going on forever. Alison was panting.

'Maybe you should take a rest,' I said.

'I can't,' Alison replied. 'I can't stop dancing.'

To my surprise, neither could I.

'Why are you smiling?'

'I'm not smiling, Alison. Why are you smiling?'

Alison touched her face. 'I have no idea.' I saw her reaching for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter on the table. I was shocked to see her take one out of the pack and light it, blowing a stream of smoke to the ceiling, before resuming her gyrating dance.

'I didn't know you smoked, Alison.'

'I don't smoke,' Alison replied, taking a cheek-hollowing drag and exhale. 'I just wanted to.'

She had no idea how much I wanted to touch her at that moment. I felt like I desperately needed to come soon, as if I'd been on the verge of an orgasm for hours.

If nobody touched me soon, I knew I was going to explode.

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Just an ever so brief note: I am now on Ello -

And would you believe it, this is post 270 of Hypnotic Erotic. Which surpassed 7669 page views tonight, by the way, and it will still be climbing tomorrow, the last day of this record-breaking month.

Thank you, people.

My people.


2014 09 28 - Amazing

My blog is really doing amazingly well. The last two months have been astonishingly good, and I have you all to thank for this.

Whatever nerve I have been stroking, it has clearly been a very pleasurable one.

Affected: Cassie and Alison, Part 1


So Alison sat sprawled in front of me, heavily dosed by the gas I'd sprayed in her face. Out cold. I was wearing the gas mask and nothing else.

The room was full of the gas - some sort of hypnotic agent. It hadn't put Alison to sleep; only left her in a state like a really intense hypnotic trance. So the headphones from the MP3 were feeding her some sort of instructions, I guess, because every now and then she'd say "yes" out of nowhere, in this really weird kind of whisper. The timer had pinged, and I'd opened the window to let out all of the gas so it was safe for me to take off the mask and sit down in front of her and have a smoke.

I had an idea. I took off the headphones and listened to what the voice was saying. Something about being underground. Reminded me of a weird dream I'd had, not long before I'd invited the guy to go out on a date with me. I turned off the MP3, sat down and finished my cigarette. Alison remained where she was, head resting against the back of the chair, mouth open, completely relaxed.

'Alison,' I said. 'Can you hear me?'

'Yes,' Alison said, in that odd whisper.

'I have more instructions for you. Do you understand?'


'I'm going to wake you up in a minute, but first there is something I'd like you to do. Stand up for me.'

Alison began to move. Opening her eyes, she looked at me; and with slow, deliberate movements, she got up onto her feet, staring at me, blank-eyed.

'Do you want more instructions?'

'Yes,' she replied.

'Answer this. What do you think about smoking?'

'I don't like it. It's a filthy habit.'

I picked up the cigarette pack and showed it to her. 'These are okay. You can smoke these. Do you understand?'

Alison frowned for a moment, but then nodded. 'Yes.'

'Remove your top.'

I watched Alison slowly peel off her top, feeling a rush of heat spreading from between my legs. Alison had a lacy bra on underneath.

'Put your top back on.'

Alison rebuttoned her blouse, and continued to stand facing me.

'How did that make you feel?'


'How do I make you feel right now?'


I realised that I was naked in front of her, and the blush threatened to spread down to my navel. 'When I wake you up, you'll feel perfectly normal. It will be perfectly normal to see me being naked in front of you. You will remember that I've been naked in front of you before for years. It's the most normal thing in the world.'


'Also, you're happy to see me smoking in front of you. Watching me smoke makes you feel happy.'


'Very very happy.'

'Very very happy,' whispered Alison.

'You want to join in, don't you?'

'Yes,' Alison replied. 'Want to smoke with you.'

'That's very good.' My heart was hammering. 'Now put on the MP3 and sit back. You can finish the whole file in peace. And when it's finished, put the MP3 back on the table and wake up. You won't remember anything about the gas, me wearing the gas mask or anything. Nothing at all.'

'I'll remember nothing.'

Alison popped the MP3 back on her ears and sat back down. I got up to go and make a cup of tea. I think I had another five, six minutes before the MP3 was through and Alison would return to consciousness. Just enough time for a cup of tea. I had time. I could call that guy back any time. Time for some fun with Alison first.

This is the part that follows Part 12. Part 14 to follow, when Alison wakes up from her trance.

Tell Cassie what you'd like to do next.

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Pretty much all of the illusions I've sent my clients have been of people which are real, but unobtainable - celebrities, public figures, even the President and his First Lady.

Right now, I want you to tell me something else.

Tell me about the ones who are forbidden to you.

Next door's married wife or pretty sister; your hot boss at work; that guy with a killer smile whom you meet while jogging, but who has a wedding ring on; or that bad boy your family does not like, but which you secretly lust after.

You want them - but for whatever reason, you can never have them.

Tell me about them.


Fun For All The Family

Last night was interesting.

I received some emails from an 18 y.o. living in Texas. She had clearly found my website, read a page and fallen into a trance. Fair enough.

But then a short time later, I received emails from another woman, age 39, also from Texas. Who turns out to be the young woman's mother.

So now I can claim I've snared my first family package. Imagine the two of them, sitting there staring at the screen. Blank. Vacant. Ready for instructions.

I'm throwing this up for suggestions. What do you think I should do with them both? :)

Edit: It should be mentioned that I gave them both, separately, the same instruction. I asked them to tell me how I, and this blog, make them feel.

First contact at 2014-09-23 00:06:06 was with the daughter, who sent the first contact indicator email: she had indeed fallen into a trance and was ready to be tranced.

The mom, at 2014-09-23 03:41:51, sent an indicator email, and a followup at 2014-09-23 03:43:45.

The daughter wrote 2014-09-23 2014 13:59:44: I don't know how you make me feel just that I must contact you. This is even more so as I am a lesbian.

The mother wrote 2014-09-23 15:33:55: You make me feel curious about what my mind and body are capable of. I feel aroused at the thought of being in trance.

Edit: Further emails:-

2014-09-24 01:56:29: [Mom] Never send another email to this address.

2014-09-24 02:01:16: [Mom] I have read your blogs and you need help.

2014-09-24 05:20:46: [Daughter] I read this story that must have hypnotized me

No names, of course ...


Affected, Part 12 - Alison


That was weird.

I was so close to having a really good time, when the phone rang. I answered it - it was Alison - and all of a sudden I couldn't stop laughing. Something she said - no, everything she said - sounded so damn funny. I couldn't even start to hold it in.

I must have passed out for a minute, because there was the guy again, standing over me. He was dressed again. I realised I'd lost control while I still had a cigarette in my hand.

'Don't worry,' I heard him say. 'It's been put out.'

'That was a friend of mine.'

'I know.'

'Thing is, she doesn't live too far away from me. She's probably on her way up here right now to see if I'm all right.'

'I know. Listen, it's been a great night so far. But I'd best split if Alison's on her way up. Can we chat or something again tomorrow night or soon?'

'Oh, I don't know. I'm supposed to be leading this group assignment, and we've got a video studio booked for tomorrow night to record a video presentation.'

The guy brightened. 'No problem. That's quite all right. Thanks for a memorable date. And when Alison gets here, you know what to do, don't you?'


'I've left everything you need in your bedroom. You don't need to go there until she has sat down.'


I watched the guy go out the door. Then I went into the bathroom to put on my clothes. He'd put out my T shirt and jeans on the side of the bath. How thoughtful of him. I had barely had time to put them on when the doorbell rang.

'Cassie? It's Alison. Are you all right? Let me in.'

I opened the door and let Alison in. She's a brunette with long, straight hair.

'Are you okay? You were a bit out of it.'

'Yeah, I guess it was two hours of sleep and a shitty assignment deadline.'

'You sure?'

'Yeah, I'll be all right. Come on in.'

Alison went in ahead of me. In the living room, she looked around and sniffed the air. 'It doesn't smell like you've been smoking.' I looked at the coffee table. There was no sign of my cigarettes and lighter, and no ashtray. The guy must have removed them at some point when I'd passed out.

I don't think he took advantage of me while I was passed out. Weird.

'Anyway, as long as you're okay.' I look at Alison.

'Yeah. I'm fine.' Look, can I get you anything? Cup of tea?'

'No, I'll be all right. Mind if I sit down?'


Alison sat down. 'Hang on,' I told her. 'I've got to take care of something in my room.'


In the bedroom, the guy had laid out everything I would need. A full face gas mask, and a large black case. Inside the case was a bottle of gas with a thin, clear plastic hose and a timer. There was a note. I read it. 'USE THE TIMER. NO MORE THAN FOUR MINUTES FROM WHEN SHE PASSES OUT. THEN OPEN THE WINDOWS. PUT THE MP3 ON HER FIRST.' Beneath the note was an MP3 player.

It was time. I crossed into the corridor outside the living room. Alison had been talking to me. Something about the arrangements for the studio tomorrow night, arrangements which she was in charge of. I didn't catch a word of what she'd been saying. Too focused on this task.

Alison could not see me from the open doorway. Plonking the bottle down on the floor, I shoved the hose into the room. I turned on the little wheel, and gas began to pour into the room. I'd brought the gas mask in with me, and slipped it on while I listened to what she was saying.

'- and so I was thinking that five o'clock would be a good time to start, so I told the manager than we'd book the five pm slot. I've already contacted the lecturer and she's excused us from attending this evening's, yawn, this evening's lecture.'

I heard Alison cough, followed by another yawn. The gas was starting to work on her.

'Yawn, oh, excuse me, so I've sent emails to, yawwn, to the others, annd they'll ... they'll ... yawn ...'

Watching her from the doorway, I could see her nodding, her eyelids half closed as the gas swept into her lungs and bloodstream. '- an' I wuzz thinkinnat we could alwuzz go'n gezzafew drinkzzzafterwuzz ...'

I walked in to the room and stood in front of Alison, carrying the timer and the gas cylinder, pointing the end of the hose at her face so the gas could spray directly into it. Wearing the gas mask, and nothing else.

I could see the confusion in her eyes as she looked up at me. 'Whaddur you wurrin'? Whuzzat oonn ... yuurr ... fff ... fff ...'

She passed out. I popped the gas cylinder down and turned on the four minute countdown. As it ticked down, I popped on the MP3 player and turned it on. Then I sat and waited for the timer to ping.

You would not believe how hot this made me feel.

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Feeling Hot

Have you ever felt aroused for no apparent reason, during the day or night? Sudden flushes of sexual desire, heart beating, your cheeks reddening, that warm rush reaching down from your eyes all the way past your collarbone?

Some of you may have felt an unexpected and sudden desire to remove your clothes. Some of you may have done so in a public place.

There is at least one of my clients, currently on the Dormant List, who was in a meeting, had to excuse herself, went to the bathroom, removed all of her clothes, put them all on again without her underwear and went back into the meeting, where she spent the rest of her time opening and closing her blouse and flashing her legs Sharon Stone style.

Many of my clients have had an irresistible urge to just remove all of their clothes as we talked over Skype. At least one client invited her boyfriend to chat with me over Skype on some trivial matter, and performed an impromptu striptease while we chatted, thoroughly distracting him during our supposedly serious conversation.

In one memorable face to face first contact meeting with an old client of mine, the client - whom I'd primed with instructions weeks in advance - knelt and kissed my amethyst ring.

The staff still look on me suspiciously when I'm in Chester railway station.

You're not the only clients on my books, you know. And I've taken my cues from that hypnotist who, a number of years back, programmed one of his (or perhaps her) clients, a beautiful blonde, to walk into a college frat house in the States, remove all her clothes and bring herself to orgasm on the sofa in the common room.

I also take my cues from the stage magician and accomplished hypnotist Derren Brown, whose shows feature delightful scenarios such as ambush hypnosis - people pass by payphones which ring; the person picks up the phone; someone says something to them; and slowly, they slump to the ground as the trigger activates and they snap immediately back into trance.

The next time you get so very, very hot under the collar, it could be you. But then again, it may be your unconscious mind, working under secret orders.

You might want to contact me to say hello by the time you get to the end of this post.


Affected, Part 11 - Interruption

Has the phone rung on you, just as you were starting to get into something really hot? Damned if Cassie's mobile phone rings just as she is about to take me in. I look at her, lying beneath me, waiting for me to climb onto her and straddle her, and the damned phone begins to warble out there in the living room.

She sighs, and pushes me off. 'I gotta get this. Please don't make a sound.'

As she gets up, I remember that I have another trigger. "Gas trap. Two minute delay," I say to her as she leaves the bedroom. Aside from a moment's pause when I say the words, she doesn't react.

Consciously, at any rate.

In the corridor, I listen. The phone stops warbling. 'Hi, Alison.' There is a pause. 'I'm okay. Yeah, I'm at home, alone. As usual.' I bite my knuckles.

'So what happened today? I kind of missed you after the last lecture. Where did you go?' Silence for a moment, broken by the occasional 'Yeah' and 'Mm-hmm.'. Then I hear the snap of Cassie's lighter. A sharp intake of breath. An exhale. 'No, of course I'm not smoking again. Why would you think that?'

A few more sounds of agreement, a few nods, yeahs and an 'Mm-hmm.' She takes a drag and says 'No. Would I lie to you?' and giggles, smoke wreathing her face. I catch my breath. But then I realise that two minutes haven't quite gone by. It hasn't started yet.

I've suggested to Cassie that, somewhere in the living room, possibly under her sofa, there is a cylinder of laughing gas - and that it will fill the room with laughing gas within two minutes of her entering the room.

Another exhale, and I peer around the corner to see Cassie sitting on the sofa, her back turned to me, and a streamer of smoke being blown into the air. Smoke from her cigarette rises into the room as well. She leans forwards to flick the ash into the ashtray, and at that point the suggestion begins to take effect. Cassie snorts and giggles for a moment, and controls herself.

'No, sorry, Alison. I'm sorry. I know. Breaking up with Dick isn't very funny.'

She pauses for a moment, the cigarette poised halfway to her lips. 'Sorry. Mike.' A second later, a chortle spills from her mouth. 'Sorry. Sorry. No, I've no idea what came over me. He sounds like a douche. You're better off dumping the bastard.'

I hear the chuckle rising, trying to escape. I've suggested that the longer things go on, the stronger the gas gets and the stronger its effect on her.

'No,' Cassie says, trying to stifle the laughter, 'he sounds like a monster. Believe me, you're better off without him -'

Now the laughter cannot be contained. She giggles hysterically, holding the phone away from her. Cassie tries to restrain herself. Somehow, she manages to get some measure of self-control, and puts the phone back to her ear.

'Yeah, sorry, I don't know what's -' she begins. She shakes her head. 'No, I'm not flutered. I only had one drink.' A snort escapes her lips. 'No, seriously.' She giggles as the suggestion supersedes her senses. 'No, I am being serious -'

The laughter is hysterical, unending, uncontrollable. Cassie holds the phone away from her to spare Alison. I enter the room, standing in front of Cassie. I'm naked and I have a huge erection. Cassie sees this and her laughter doubles in volume. Calmly, I reach for her phone, take it from her unresisting hands and listen.

'Hello? Hello? Cassie, are you there? What's going on?'

Quietly, I put the phone on hands free mode, so Cassie can hear Alison's concerned voice. 'Cassie? What is going on? Why are you laughing? Stop it!'

But Cassie is lost to the suggestion; lost to the gas. I give the phone back to Cassie. Her face is red, and there are tears in her eyes. She cannot stop laughing.

The phone drops to the sofa, and disconnects.

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Affected, Part 10 - Caress


They are on me the minute I lead them into the bedroom; it's like Shia and Christina can't get enough of me. Pretty soon he is kissing and nibbling at my neck and throat, and damn, it feels so good to feel those lips on me there. Then Christina's warm lips are pressing on mine. Her lipstick tastes like honey and whisky, her tongue is touching my lips and teeth and I feel her warm fingers in my hair.

It doesn't take long before I feel them undressing me. My dressing gown slides off as their hands reach underneath the cool fabric to caress my exposed skin. I'm wearing nothing underneath. Shia tweaks my nipples, caressing the skin under my breasts and my solar plexus. Christina gives me a wicked look and kisses my belly, little kisses and licks all the way down.

I look at their faces. They are just as turned on as I am.

For a moment, Christina pauses with her mouth just over my clitoris. She looks at me, closes her eyes and begins to lap at my clit with her tongue. I clench my fist, gripping the bedsheets, and let out out a low moan. Oh, fuck, she's good. I've not felt such pleasure since Sonia Williams went down on me in her room, the day after my sixteenth.

'Oh, fuck.' I part my labia so she can slip her fingers in. 'Please, Christina. Yes, please. Lick me there. There.'

Fingers penetrate me. My walls of flesh guide her digits in. I moan as I realise that Christina Hendricks is sucking my clit and fingering me.

There is a tingling, hot, wet sweet pleasure from this contact that is coming on like pain, it's so intense. I just grind against her, feeling resistance. 'Oh, yes. Yes.'

Then her fingers hook inside me and stroke my G spot. Pleasure hits me like a fucking nova. 'Oh, yes, oh fuck -'

She holds me, now; she and Shia, his warm breath caressing the breasts he's kissing and nibbling. I see his straining penis, and I want to feel him inside me - but he's not the one I want in me first. I look at the guy. He's still here, watching us. How can he be so patient?

I grip Christina's silky hair with one hand, and point down there. 'I want you to come in here.' Christina flicks at my G spot; my whole body shudders.

Time to change places. I glance at Shia. 'Shia, take off.' My hand releases Christina's head. 'Christina, here.' She eagerly licks at my breasts. Shia twists my free nipple, and a jolt of pleasure and pain bring a squeak of delight and surprise from my throat.

The path is clear. I settle my hips and spread my legs a little wider for the guy, who is standing over me, cock in hand.

'Are you ready?'

I nod.

'Do I have your consent?'

Oh, for fuck's sake, what's he waiting for, a gilt-edged RSVP card in the fucking post? 'Yesss.'

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Affected, Part 9 - Phantasms

I watch as Cassie greets Phantom Christina Hendricks with air kisses, while touching Phantom Shia laBoeuf. A little self-hypnosis trigger I'd implanted in my own back brain allows me to see and hear and feel what I've programmed Cassie to sense.

The room becomes very crowded - Shia laBoeuf and Christina, and Cassie chatting with them and pawing away at Shia.

I haven't told them what to say to Cassie, so it looks as if the actors are carrying on half of a telepathic conversation; standing in silence while Cassie blurts out something at random, and giggling at Christina, her face growing redder each minute.

She looks at me. 'I'm sorry, but these are - I've always fancied these two people, and to bump into them both, I ...'

I see the expression on her face. Undisguised lust. 'Do you want to?' Cassie nods.

'With which one?'

She swallows, her blush deepening. 'Both.'

I glance back at the bedroom. 'Want to?'

* * *

In the bedroom, I begin removing my clothes and leaving them on the chair by the vanity. I suggest to Cassie that Shia has begun kissing her neck and shoulders as Christina plants full, deep kisses on her lips, running her fingers through her hair. As she sits, Cassie arches her chest forwards, throwing back her head to expose her neck and shoulders, her lips working against Christina's kisses. Still affected by my self-hypnotic trigger, I see what she sees; hear what she hears, as her phantom paramours begin to gasp and moan with increasing arousal to match hers.

'You have to remove your own clothes,' I murmur, 'but to you, you are being undressed by Shia and Christina. They are licking your exposed skin, kissing and caressing your naked body with their tongues and fingertips.'

Cassie's breathing deepens, becomes shuddery. She peels off her dressing gown, revealing that she is naked underneath. Her back begins to arch. At the top of her breath, I wait. She releases her breath with a moan.

'Oh, fuck,' she whispers, looking down and parting her labia with her fingers. 'Please, Christina. Yes, please. Lick me there. There. Oh, yes. Yes. Oh, yes, oh fuck -'

She looks at me as if seeing me for the first time. 'I want you to come in here,' she moans, glancing off to one side. 'Shia, take off.' She reaches with her free hand, gripping Christina's hair firmly. I can see that she is gripping thin air; but I could see how she is gripping her hair in her hand. Her hand unclenches. 'Christina, here,' she says, gently proffering one of her breasts. A moment later, Cassie gives a squeak of pleasure. I think somebody is nibbling at her nipple.

The path is clear for me. Moving in, pushing firm yet phantasmal flesh aside, I stand over Cassie.

'Are you ready?'

Cassie nods.

'Do I have your consent?'

'Yesss,' she breathes.

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Affected, Part 8 - Visitors


I know this thing about the guy next door. He can really kiss.

I enjoy snuggling with him, just tasting the wine and the chocolates we'd been eating. Sharing his body warmth. Then he gets up and says something weird.

'Hey, I'd like to show you something.'

I wonder if that is his shorthand for 'I want you to give me a blow job' for a moment, but then I rise to the bait. 'Go ahead.'

He says something, but I can't make out what he says. I am about to ask him to repeat what he says, when I hear the door open. I can't remember leaving the front door open, because there's another man in the room. Jeans, sneakers, black T shirt.

I look at the man's face.

'Wait a minute.'


I recognise him. 'It's ... it's Shia laBoeuf.'

I can't believe this. Shia laBoeuf, the man himself, standing right in front of me.

I get up and approach him. He says 'Hi.' I say 'Hi' back. I glance at the guy, who's watching me. 'You never told me you know this guy.'

'I have a few people on speed dial.'

I hesitate a little. Shia looks concerned. 'What?'

I extend a hand. 'May I?' He nods. I touch his shoulder, and then his chest.

Oh my God, I'm touching Shia laBoeuf!

The guy says something else. I don't hear what he says. 'Can you speak more loudly?' I ask. But then the door opens, and someone else comes into the room.

'It can't be.'

Someone else is coming into the room through the door. It's Christina Hendricks.

My jaw hits the floor. I always fancied her.

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Affected, Part 7 - Something New

So, with Cassie slumped on the sofa, out like a light after a really hot orgasm, I lean over her entranced form and work in a further instruction. Then I leave her apartment and close the door.

I go and get a bottle of good wine from my apartment, and a box of chocolates. Cassie is waiting at the door when I get back. She is dressed in the kingfisher blue kimono-style silk print dressing gown she keeps hanging from a hook behind her bedroom door. I offer the chocolates to her; she smiles and opens the door wider to let me in. I brush past her as I enter; she is deliberately rubbing her groin against my hip. She smells of apricot.

In the living room, we sit and chat, eating the chocolates. I take delight in teasing her, stroking a piece of chocolate against her open lips. Her eyes close when she puts the chocolate in her mouth; they roll up a little before her eyelids close.

Afterwards, we snuggle together and chat. She turns to me. I think she's about to say something.

It turns into a kiss.

Her lips taste of wine, coffee, cigarettes, chocolate. They are so soft. Cassie plants a smaller kiss on my lips after. We lean into one another, breathing each other's breath softly, our eyes closed, my forehead resting against hers.

'What was that for?' I ask her.

'I don't know you,' Cassie replies, her voice a whisper, 'but I feel I can be with you.'

We embrace for a long moment, me nuzzling her neck, apricot smell over everything. So warm. We separate, but continue to snuggle for a time, just enjoying one another's body warmth.

'Hey,' I tell her, 'I'd like to show you something.'

Cassie grins. 'Go ahead.'

I say a word.

Cassie turns to look at the door. A moment later, her eyes open wide.

What she is now seeing is real. I murmur further instructions.

Cassie turns to me in astonishment. 'Wait a minute.'


'It's ... it's Shia laBoeuf.'

I watch Cassie get up and approach this point in empty space. 'Hi,' she says, her voice predatory. She turns to me.

'You never told me you know this guy.'

'I have a few people on speed dial.'

Cassie turns to the thin air. 'May I?' She begins pawing at empty air.

Time for the next surprise. I whisper the next trigger.

'Can you speak more loudly?' Cassie asks. Then she looks at the doorway again.

'It can't be.'

Enter a phantom Christina Hendricks. By the look of lust in Cassie's eyes, I have her hooked.

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