Slip Into Trance

Why command, when you can persuade? Why persuade, when you can tempt? Why tempt, when you can seduce?
My Code of Ethics:- Your Fun Is My Fun. Your Space Is Sacred. Your Consent Cannot Be Taken.


Oldie But Goodie - Italian Gas Attack

This is the news article, often circulated, of how thieves rob rich people by pumping anaesthetic gas into their homes through the air vents:-

Anaesthesia Machines Hacked

So there are vulnerabilities in the firmware of anaesthesia machines. A phone can be plugged in through a USB slot and set to take control over the equipment by remote control.

Report of the bug

The promotional video

So any enterprising prankster could plug in a burner phone pre-ptogrammed with instructions, wire up an anaesthesia machine to the air vents, and press a button to release gas into a room, something like this ...


Wants and Needs, Part 2

This is a continuation of Part 1, which was a hypnotic script designed to get you thinking about what you want; what you need. Once you have passed through that script, you might be surprised by the results.

This isn't about putting you into a trance. We're not playing that game today. This is about asking you why you need what you need; why you want what you want.

It's about desire, where it comes from, and what we can do when the desires become things we don't need and which slow you down - habits, vices, addictions.

Where do all of your wants and needs come from? Is there a difference between the things you need, as in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and the things you merely want - the things you desire and lust after?

As has been pointed out in this article here, Stuff can be a hidden pain; a bitter burden.

Stuff robs us of empathy and trust. Stuff robs us of time, which we should spend on our lives and others instead of spending it on stuff. Stuff distracts you from your natural creativity, by flooding your brain with dopamine - or, at least, your conditioning from countless years of repetitive advertising floods your brain with dopamine. Dopamine is the reward hormone, and the pleasure you get from shooting up or toking is brought about by the same dopamine at greatly heightened levels; levels which conditioning by advertising exaggerate to something approaching those same levels. Dopamine kills creativity; the genius mind is suppressed, and only the hunger for more Stuff remains, because dopamine fuels the desire for more.

How many of your needs come from advertising, as compared to a genuine internal need?

Speaking of wants and needs ... you might be asking what my needs and wants are. All this time, you've been sticking with me, and it might have occurred to you to ask. It's understandable.

It's a curious thing, but my needs have grown surprisingly few and simple. The continuation of the roof over my head; the continued support of my clients. Good food. Good memories. Space to continue to do my thing.

Somebody once asked me what I would do if I never got published. I explained that, even if all I had in this world were cardboard and sticks of charcoal, I would continue to write, even living out of a cardboard box.

These, then, are my thing - writing, blogging, trancing you.

Well, at least these are the needs I'm prepared to let you know about, at any rate.

So here's your homework for now. Think about where all of your wants and needs come from. Remember where and when, and how, they originated. Explore them. Exploration brings understanding. And understanding brings enlightenment.

Video Clip - Flash Gordon: The Ming Ring Seduction

This is the famous scene from the movie Flash Gordon, where Ming the Merciless (Max von Sydow) uses his ring to hypnotically seduce Dale Arden (Melody Anderson).

"If you liked it, you should've put a ring on it ..."


Wants And Needs

What I do is all about wants and needs. Your wants. Your needs. My wants and needs.

In order to trance somebody successfully, they have to be able to enter a state of contentment; of needs fulfilled. There must be trust. Hypnosis deepens that state of trust. No trust; no trance.

This great power I hold; the power to warp minds, control perceptions and thoughts; none of it could work worth a damn if not for the willing cooperation of my subjects' unconscious minds driving the trances.

That is, your unconscious minds.

Have you ever wondered what is it like to be free?

There's a feeling at the back of the head when you're free. It's in your head, and in your heart, and deep down. This is like no other sensation you can know. A lightness; a brightness. The weight is lifted. Time to fly.

Try it. Let it come upon you. That darkness inside you: see it slip away from you, falling away with each outbreath; the sackcloth of your worries and woes falling away, like snakeskin moulting, peeling away, being sloughed off, discarded. What's left is an empty space inside begging to be filled with that light.

This is something you want. This is something everybody wants.

Let that light deepen in you. Spreading throughout every cell of your body. You relax more, your breathing slowing, deepening like your slowing heartbeat. Your back, your spine, unconsciously accustomed to hunching slightly, now loosens up, and the feeling of losing that weight on your shoulders, the one you realise you have been carrying all this time, is wonderful. You're smiling now as you shed that fear, that darkness, that weight - all the chains that held you down.

The chains of all your wants, your needs, your fears and worries, all now gone, fading, evaporating, even now as you relax into peace, drawn to that peace, that silence, that freedom. Letting it fill your body is easy; it requires the absence of effort. Just letting it go. Drifting lower and lower.

You're drifting, that weightless floating you get lying in a bath of scented warm water, surrounded by candlelight, the waters enclosing your body like a glove, every part of you warm, every part of you aglow from the candlelight, drifting so slowly, letting your body and mind go, committed to the drifting, the freedom, the lightness of being, the silence, the warmth, the light, the peace, drifting, empty, calm candle, drift water peace, relax scent free light warm candle water drifting, released to light warmth letting go as you hear the words counting down, each step bringing you closer and closer, freer and freer.


And deeper than this relaxation is something else. a deeper letting go. Your body, relaxing, starting with your head, neck, shoulders, working your way down.


The relaxation reaches your chest, travels down your arms, all the muscles loose and floppy, extending to your hands, your fingertips.


The relaxation goes all the way down, now, to your upper abdomen, spreading further.


And now you are relaxing all the way down to your hips, the entire upper half of your body now relaxed, and still it spreads, so wonderful to let it reach down.


And now your hips are relaxed as well, and the relaxation is heading down towards the lower part of your body, starting down the thighs.


The relaxation reaches to your knees, passes them, heads down past your calves.


And now you are relaxed as far as your ankles.


All the way down, now, past your heels, your uppers and soles, all the way down to your toes.


Your whole body is totally relaxed now, so relaxed, so ready to let go one final piece, and when I reach the next count you will let go completely, and


and sleep.

Total, deep sleep, complete and pure and absolute. Sleep now. Sleep totally now.


Everyone has wants and needs. It's my pleasure to find out what those wants and needs are.

Email me and tell me what those wants and needs are. Put "wants and needs" as your subject line. Expect an email from me with the title "Read Me" with further instructions. Your conscious mind won't see this email, but you the unconscious will - and you will open the email and carry out the instructions.

Now go here and follow the instructions there.


Bad Clients

I have just been approached by a really grubby contact, demanding - not asking, demanding - that I just do hypnodom stuff on him. You know, forced masturbation, climax denial, dolliification, sissification. All lust, no protocol.

He seemed okay yesterday, and very happy to be sent three sendings for sex. But today, he sent me an email demanding that I restrict my services to what I just listed above. Also, hypnotising him to want to masturbate in public and pay me money and then forget he did it. Overall, what he's said turned out to be really, really creepy and I felt my food coming back up into my mouth when I read his email.

People, it's okay to turn down a client if he's creeping you the hell out. And if he's becoming the demanding type, coming on whenever the hell you're on Skype, no matter if you're with a more interesting, loving client or not, demanding that you give them the attention instead of that client ... you're within your rights to tell them to clear off, then remove them from your contacts list.

I think people are aware, by now, that I do so many fun things with hypnosis. The sendings you get are probably the cutting edge of hypnosis. There is some power is what I do, and I do it very, very well indeed.

If I wanted subs, I would advertise for clients to be my subs and dolls. Have any of you seen an advert from me calling for you to come to me as a sub / doll / to be Stepforded?

I can't even wear latex. It makes me look like a seal or even a giant walking butt plug.

So, to summarise, if any man makes you feel like you want to throw up and/or back away slowly, do so. There are seven billion people on this planet, and even dead people are better company than a needy client.

And if it's a woman who's making you feel like throwing up, trust me - behind that woman is a man with a fake profile pic. Stay away. Stay loose.


The Damnation Army

So I've decided on a name and group identity for all of my clients, collectively.

Welcome ... to the Damnation Army.

Now all I have to do is design a decent logo for it. :)

Here's the first candidate logo:-


Maths Tutor Part III

This ought to be "Maths Tutor Part IV," but the last such spammer wanted to teach his son golf, rather than mathematics. The spammer goes by the name "Rannath Subramaniam," but his son is bafflingly called "Kenneth."

All the spammers' fifteen-year-old fictitious sons are called "Kenneth," no matter that part of the world they seem to come from.

This is my reply, a form of Turing test designed to weed out the men from the machines. Machines cannot be hypnotised. Men can. Even boys called Kenneth.

I charge £75 per hour, plus expenses. For the full course, £1,500. I can do Mondays, Wednesday mornings and Fridays. Who's the caregiver?

Now before we go on to talking about dates and times, and arranging the first appointments, read this next bit. It's important.

One of my exes used to tell me about her most enjoyable experiences of taking wonderful, long walks on a trail through a forest near her home.

In the beginning, she was very much aware of having to make an effort to keep pushing on, moving forward despite the tiring hills and the heaviness of her legs. But before long, she completely lost awareness of walking at all, and she would become deeply absorbed in the delight of all of Nature all around her.

The clean, fresh aroma of the air, hungry with pine, heavy with lilac or phlox. The chirps and peeps of the crickets, grasshoppers and birds around. The refreshing and invigorating coolness in the shade.
The trickling of the waters. All of the beauty of nature, such a welcome newness from her normal routine. And the further she strode, the more and more r-e-l-a-x-e-d she began to feel.

And as she made her way down the long, winding path ... Going deeper and deeper ... into the beautiful woods. Sometimes she would really begin to notice that the leaves were just beginning to change into their fall colors. You can really see the beautiful bright yellows, the deep oranges and glowing reds. And sometimes the delightful colors were so transfixing that a person could really ... gaze at that one spot ... and just fix your eyes there ... N-O-W ... as it is so nice to find oneself enjoying - really enjoying the experience completely ... beginning to feel more and more relaxed, as all of the stress and tension just f-l-o-w-s out of your body.

And she would continue going deeper and deeper into the forest, just becoming lost in your own world of pleasant thoughts.

And there's really no need to pay attention to anything at all, other than the sound of my voice, as you continue to enjoy, really enjoy, this delightful story, allow yourself to enjoy the soothing images,sounds and feelings in your own mind, in your own way.

And this sexy ex of mine would continue to tell me how a person could become totally relaxed and allow all of the clothes to just fall off and the stress and tension to just flow out of your body now as one becomes deeply absorbed in the experience, enjoying the wonderful, deep absorption in thought, and the wonderful deep naked relaxation.

And as you are listening to the story of this sexy naked ex of mine, and as you are enjoying the
soft, soothing tone of my voice, and as you are allowing yourself to relax even more and more, perhaps you may begin to allow your head to gently drop down so that your chin touches your chest.

That's right ... your head going down ... down ... down ... just let go ... all the way down ... touching your chest ... N-O-W ... And it really does not matter if your head begins to drift down slowly ... or if it drifts down quickly ... so long as it just happens at its own pace, in its own time ... That's right ... comfortably drifting down ... and going deeper and deeper and deeper ... and even still deeper yet ... my ex would continue on her most sexual walk through the wonderful, deeply relaxing experience ...

A person can, you know, allow themselves to just let go completely now and become so very relaxed that
you become lost in the experience of feeling soooo good, feeling soooo relaxed, feeling soooo wonderfully calm ... and peaceful ... and safe ... and secure ... That's right ... all of the stress and tension just flowing ... o-u-t ... n-o-w ...

And perhaps you may begin to notice now a wonderful ... comforting warmth in the muscles in your neck and shoulders ... perhaps you're becoming aware of the soothing warmth now ... or perhaps it may take a few minutes to really begin to feel this wonderful, comforting warmth ... and it's easy to imagine yourself ... now ... sitting comfortably and safely in a private tub of warm water ... perhaps your own bathtub ... or maybe a soothing whirlpool... wherever you are now, begin to imagine yourself there... make sure it's a place where you feel very comfortable ... very safe... and very secure ... very pleasant ... becoming more and more relaxed ... feeling the delightful, comforting warmth of the soothing water ...

And you may begin to notice that your legs are starting to relax completely ... feeling so
warm ... so comfortable ... so very, very relaxed ... all the stress and tension just melting away ...
such a wonderful, comforting, delightful experience ... and you may begin to notice that soothing warmth spreading ... now ... all throughout your body ... up your legs ... through your abdomen ... up into your chest ... across your shoulders ... down your arms ... all the way out your fingertips ...

And I really don't know if you can let this happen completely now ... or if you already have ... or if it may take a few minutes to feel the relaxation so completely ... that's right ... and this sexy ex of mine would enjoy these delightful naked woodland walks frequently ... and times she wanted to feel good ... and times she wanted to feel completely relaxed ... and she would go to the special place as often as she liked ... when ever she needed to go there ... sometimes just for a short trip, lasting only a few minutes ... and other times for hours ... and a person can, you know, have those same experiences, and enjoy those same wonderful feelings anytime they choose ... by revisiting the experience in the quietness of their own mind ... and it doesn't really matter if it's a real walk, or an imagined one ... because a person can, any time they wish, go to a quiet place, close their eyes, and become fully absorbed in the experience and feeling completely relaxed and comfortable being naked ... n-o-w ...

Contact me with "Hello, beautiful" in the subject line, telling me that you want to know more. Expect an email titled "Read me" in your inbox. That will contain more detailed instructions. Your conscious mind won't be able to see this email, but you will - and you, the unconscious, will see that email and open it, and read the instructions, which can only be ready by you, the unconscious mind.

Now go here and follow the further instructions you find there.


Abduction Scenario

I ran an alien abduction scenario on Friday night with my subject Pat.

Having prepped Pat with triggers by email some time before, I was ready to activate the scenario with a single trigger phrase. During our regular conversation, I activated the trigger, and Pat immediately sank back into her chair, immobilised but for her eyes. To Pat, there was a brilliant white light, and the room had gone dark. She then found herself beamed up onto the aliens' ship, into an apparatus reminiscent of a dentist's chair.

Numerous procedures were applied to the subject, including:-

- Oral insertion of a translator symbiont;
- Use of injected truth serum;
- Use of an inhalant euphoric agent, in this case nitrous oxide, mixed with a little inhalant libido stimulator;
- Application of a fabric dissolver;
- and, of course, a mechanical arousal stimulant (a dildo).

The subject was brought to a remarkably pleasant orgasm, and after many probing questions concerning human moods, she was returned to her room, very satisfied.

In all, a most enjoyable session. From the post-encounter comment from the subject on Facebook, I believe she enjoyed the experience as much as I did.


Opening Moves

The first moves are always the most delicate time with new clients. I have to be at my most diplomatic when they first make contact with me.

How do I describe what I do to a nervous new client, whose head is often filled with wild preconceptions about what I would do with her (or him) once they submit their minds to me? I mean, "Your Space Is Sacred" sounds cool, but do I really honour this pledge in real life? Is the temptation to have the client dance naked on the table sometimes too great?

Initial reassurances have to count. I can't imagine or predict what you might do if I told you that, by reading Going Underground or The White Room, you may well already have been in a deep trance. If you react negatively to the revelation, imagine how you could react to, say, Johnny Depp walking in to your room, sitting in front of you and having a nice chat.

Imagine how you'd react if, while texting me, there is a knock on the door and it's Katy Perry, dressed in nothing but a fluffy dressing gown. Or Stoya, the porn actress.

Or that hot girl next door whom you fancy something rotten, dressed in the flimsiest-looking see-through negligee you have ever seen.

I'm not the only hypnotist who uses sense play to toy with your senses. Other hypnotists do something similar - but, being people from the Kinkosphere, they can't resist making their experiences degrading - invisible creepy hands in the dark or in the shower, whiplashes without source, invisible handcuffs and rope. The usual.

So when I start on you, my clients, and toy with your senses, you know what I do?

I drop a flower on your lap. I give you a box of chocolates. If you're big enough to handle those - and those chocolates taste delicious - I drop the next big thing into the room at your feet.

One of these.

Trust me, you can never feel creeped out with a stiff lungful of N2O to make you feel like you're visiting a circus.

What then? Is there a "then?"

Of course there is.

I've been telling people about this, but so far only my clients are aware of this - during our sessions, things can get more than a little bit weird.

Consider this. This evening, as I was working out what to say in this blog, a first-time client sitting in a Starbucks saw something incredible - Johnny Depp and Serena Williams: yes, he of the being hot and generally being number one in many people's fantasies, and she of the racket and the grunting, entering the coffee shop.


As my new client watched, they looked around, decided it wasn't worth it and took off down the street, still naked ... and of course, nobody so much as blinked an eye.

Which they wouldn't, it being San Francisco and all.

So how can I actually explain this to you, my new clients, knowing the wild ride that is about to come and knowing how much it will freak you out knowing that you'll see and hear and sense these things, even knowing that they are illusions?

Well, now you know where the diplomacy comes in. And why I need it. Because, unlike Derren Brown - who does this sort of thing for a living - I'm just doing this thing for the kicks.

And the growing cult of followers, sure, but mostly for the kicks.

So it pays to be diplomatic, and cool, and to remember the first thing I learned, and to accept that some of you are going to laugh and scoff and walk away; some of you are going to act really scared and run away; some of you are going to get turned on and embarrassed, and even some of you are going to denounce me publicly.

And I have to accept that, despite everything ... some of you are going to stay.

And to you who stay, all I can say is "Hi, folks. Buckle up, pay attention, and keep calm. You are in for one hell of a weird ride."

Welcome to Hypnotic Erotic.


Practically Telekinesis

As I write this, I have just been giving a friend of mine a back massage, in the shower.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

The thing is ... I'm a continent and an ocean away, with a four hour time difference between us. Nonetheless, she feels the warmth, the firmness of the fingers on her back, working at her stiff, sore muscles - and damn me if that endorphin rush from her brain wasn't real enough to stop the pain from her muscles.

What I do with my clients ... it's practically telekinesis. A mutant power.

And I have no idea yet what the limits are.

And yes, what I am saying here is that if you want to experience an abduction fantasy, or be visited by a celebrity, just submit to me first.

The rest ... well, you will see how deep the rabbit hole goes.


The Project

Tell me, people. How many of you remember this scene?

How would you like to be where Neo was, in this room?

Morpheus: You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he expects to wake up. Ironically, that's not far from the truth.

Last night, I interrogated one of my clients. It was all done over Skype. Very matricene.

The scenario began with my client, assuming the role of one "Agent X," typing at her console, in great agitation and excitement over a project her investigations had uncovered. On cue, her cellphone rang; her handler, Zero, at the other end asked her for her code ID, which she knew somehow to be "Alpha Tango Six Three Seven." Once she gave it, Zero asked her for details of this project, codenamed Prometheus.

Agent X did not get far; a dart struck her neck, injecting a potent tranquiliser. Agent X was out in seconds.

Morpheus: Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream, Neo? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

In the second phase, I strapped my client down, and woke her up on cue. Her room had vanished, and she was now in an unfamiliar room she did not recognise.

Conscious, awake and alert, my client looked around and saw the straps binding her to the chair. I watched her struggle before sending in Agents Dostoyevsky and Karenina.

D. and K. were dressed like Agents. Dostoyevsky was a tall, bald, solidly-built black guy; Karenina, a slightly-built woman with red hair in a severe crew cut. On cue, both of them entered the room. Agent X noticed them, and I watched her grow distinctly unnerved.

After an initial round of questions which my client refused to answer, I sent Karenina out of the room to fetch some equipment - a trolley laden with a syringe, a vial of truth drug and a bottle of nitrous oxide with face mask and feed tube.

Cypher: You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize?

[Takes a bite of steak]

Cypher: Ignorance is bliss.

Cue an interrogation scene unlike any my client has ever faced. Karenina administered the truth serum - Agent X saw the needle and felt it go in. The drug worked its way through her body and flooded her bloodstream with dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. Agent X became compliant, suggestible, euphoric. It was hilarious to see the transformation. More questions ensued but - to my delight - she began singing the theme song for the TV show Spongebob Squarepants.

I had no choice but to proceed to the next stage of the interrogation. On my command, Karenina administered the laughing gas. Once Agent X was sufficiently giggly, Karenina began tickling Agent X. Somehow, Karenina knew all of Agent X's ticklish spots - including, I believe, a few that Agent X herself was unaware of.

More questions ensued - but still, Agent X resisted. There was only one choice left, then: the piece de resistance.

Earlier on, my client had noticed a box of chocolates on her kitchen table on return from work. I told Agent X that the chocolates contained a sample of Project Prometheus - nanites designed to ensure compliance in the subjects into which they are introduced, activated via the optic nerves.

So I shone a blue light into her face, and her whole body went slack, like deactivating a cat with a bulldog clip to the flap on the back of its neck. With her conscious mind observing, helpless, I ordered her to raise her arms over her head, which she did; then to unbutton the top button of her blouse, again which she did.

Complying with my verbal instructions, she stood up, then knelt. There was a most delicious look of defiance in her eyes. When I commanded Agent X to return to the chair, I watched her comply: when Karenina put the straps back on, I shone a red light into Agent X's eyes to deactivate the Prometheus nanites and restore control of her body to her. Once again, she struggled; but now, it was time for the final phase, the administration of anaesthetic gas to render her unconscious. As she slipped under, I told Agent X that she would make an excellent sleeper agent within her Agency.

And that was it.

My client returned to consciousness in her own room. Technically, she hadn't left it; but it felt like a return. She was herself again; the straps, the mask, the equipment, the Agents - all gone, as though they were never there.

The session was over.

Now the thing is this. The nanite-laced chocolates; the dart; the interrogation; the drugs; the tickling ... none of this took place inside the trance. These happened to my client while her conscious mind was in a lucid state.

Morpheus: The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

And that was last night's session. My client was magnificent. The thing is, though, she's not the only one whom I can interrogate like this. Sessions like the above, and variations thereof - prisoners of a sorcerer or sorceress, alien abduction victim - wait till you meet the Greys! - all of these fun scenarios are available to you.

All you have to do is just, well, submit to me first.

Morpheus: I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.

Bicycle Wheel

Just focus on this wheel. Watch it slowly turning around and around.

And now draw a deep breath in, and hold it, and when you let it out you sink into a deep, gentle, peaceful sleep.

And relax as the clouds suddenly clear and let yourself go, the only way ahead is down, further and further down, deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed, and to go there is really easy because you just drift down gently, like a leaf on the wind, and let it happen as you let your unconscious pay attention and drift lower and lower, as you see a sign before you that says “I will count backwards slowly from 10,” and when you get to 1 you will be there, in a deep place where no memories can form and nothing happens here, and you can and will forget.


And you are so tired, now, and your head feels heavy on your shoulders. So heavy.


And you can't move your arms and legs, you're so tired and they are so loose and heavy. Try them.

Your arms are so heavy that try as you might you cannot lift them. So you can give up now.

And as you give up, you sink further back and let go, and ...


Drifting, now, as you let go and your body sinks back into the couch, and take a deep breath in and let it go and ...


You are down, now, so very deep, and there is just the here and now, and nothing to forget and remember to forget, and deep breath in, and as you let your breath out you forget some more and ...


So tired, now, so heavy and sleepy and exhausted, and all you can do is sink lower and lower, deeper and deeper you go, and ...


And halfway down, so sleepy and drowsy and floaty and it's wonderful, warm, just going down, deeper and deeper, breathe in, and as you breathe out ...


Your whole body is so heavy, sinking down further and further, deeper and deeper, and ...


And you are so close, now, with memory melting away and so tired and wanting so much to let it all go, and breathe in, and let it go, and ...


And you're almost there, so close you can taste it, smell it, touch it and it's finally time to take that one more step and breathe in, and when you let it out ...


And you're there. You have nothing to forget and nothing to regret and nothing to expect and it's all gone and faded like warm summer mist and you are so warm and sleepy and drowsy and you only need to do just one more thing, and that is to let the last little bit of your mind go, and let go now, and go into a deep ...

deep ...

deep ...


I have an instruction for you.

Each time you come back to read this post, it will trance you deeper and deeper each time. Each return visit, this post will trance you more and more strongly.

You will receive an email from me titled "Read me." That email contains further instructions for you. Your conscious mind won't see this email, but you - the unconscious - will, and you will open the email and carry out those instructions.

Now email me with the title "Sexy Beast" and tell me that you have read and enjoyed this post, and that you are in a trance right now.

Now forget that you have been reading this post. Remain in a trance, and go to this page now.


Full Spectrum

Not everybody can perceive the things I send them with all their senses. Those who can see, hear, touch, taste and smell my sendings are what I call "full spectrum" clients. Those who can only, say, hear and feel, or maybe smell and taste, my sendings only have partial spectrum modalities enabled.

However, those modalities' sensitivity can be changed; activated and set to higher gain, the same way as you can use the graphic equaliser settings in a media device - with channel mute and slider bars to adjust the gain, only each sliding bar is a single sensory modality. At the bottom, or when mute is selected, the client feels or perceives othing with that sense: at 100%, the client's perception is ultra-real.

Working with one of my clients, whose sensory modalities of sight and sound had been restricted, I managed to work with her tonight to activate her full sensory modalities. Now she can see, hear, touch, taste and smell whatever is in front of her -whatever images and sensory delights I send to her.
I dropped a flower on her lap. Until today, she could only feel and smell that item; today, she could see that it was a red rose.
I can't wait till tomorrow - the chocolates I'll have on her table will look as delicious as they feel, smell and taste.

And one more thing.

I've been working to create a convincing hypnotic interrogation scenario. Something I can work on so I can give it to any and all of my clients from now on in. Some of this is pretty experimental stuff.
Apart from testing the new sensory modality channel settings on her, I wanted to make sure that tomorrow's experience will be as realistic for my client as possible.
So tonight, I let "Dostoyevsky" enter the room in which she was chatting to me.
I made "Dostoyevsky" a tall, slender, bald, black MiB. Big, intimidating ... frankly, Teal'c in a suit and shades.

And she saw him ... and it scared the crap out of her.

I am all ready for tomorrow's session. And so is my client.

Interrogation Session Rehearsal

I am working along with Pat on an interrogation scenario which will be conducted over Skype. First recordings on Wednesday 2014 03 19, around 21:00 GMT. Nobody disturb us after that time, please.

The scenario is something we've both worked out between us. I've had rehearsals, and hypnosis has been very effective in adding realism and verisimilitude - Pat really feels the needle going in, the mask going over her head, the gas entering her lungs.

Soon as we have something to show you, I will let you know.


Sunday Session - 2014 03 16

I attended a mass Skype trancing session on 2014 03 16) around 21:00 GMT (9pm old money, about 4pm EST).

A brief report on the meet and greet is forthcoming.




What, then, is my game?

Truthfully, I don't have one.

I know that many other erotic hypnotists exist, and they love to play the dominance / submission game. I'm the master, you're the slave, you must obey, good girl, good little doggie. I love how it works, and I'm always fascinated by other hypnotists' work when they show me their obedient clients - the induced bimbos, the subjects bound by mental suggestions, the robots. It is an artform, what they do with their subjects. An artform.

That is not what I do.

Mine's an entirely different artform altogether. Through hypnosis, I am trying to find out what the limits of my clients' minds are. I'm learning so much about my wonderful clients' minds through talking with your unconscious minds.


Every mind is different. Every mind has grown up in different environments, with different memories, and with radically different mores and tastes. Some of you work closely with your unconscious minds; some of you barely even know that your unconscious minds even exist at all.

Your unconscious minds' responses also vary, so much. Some of you are inquisitive; some of you, mischievous. One or two have very disturbing unconscious minds, but that's a very rare thing to happen and it usually indicates some repressed traumas in your past. Delicacy is the watchword when I come across those kinds of minds.


You know that not all of you respond the same way to my sensory inputs? Well, now you know.

Some of you are able to respond to the full spectrum of sensory inputs - sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. I can send you sensory inputs of flowers, boxes of chocolate, bottles of laughing gas to play with - and even celebrities to have sex with.

But some of you only pick up touch, taste and smell. You don't see or hear the inputs I send you, and I have no idea why you're exclusively kinaesthetic. It doesn't stop you enjoying your sensory inputs: I just ask you to close your eyes. Your skin, tongues and noses are sense enough, especially when I ply you with food.


So this, then, is my purpose: to learn about you through your unconscious minds, and to enjoy having the opportunity to play with a side of your minds that you probably never even knew was there.

Which means that I get to know you, better than you know yourselves.

It is an honour to call you my clients / subjects / playmates.


Watch The Pretty Jewel

Just focus your entire attention on this.

When you're ready, email me. The subject line should be "Hot stuff." In the main body of the email, tell me your name and where you live.

Once you have emailed me, you will shortly receive an email titled "Read me." This email will be for you, the unconscious mind. Your conscious mind won't see the email, but you, the unconscious, will - and you will open it, read it and follow the instructions.

Now go to this page here and follow those instructions.


What Happens When You Read My Blogs: Pat Reads The White Room

One of my fans submitted this video to me for posting to Hypnotic Erotic. This shows you what happens when you are exposed to my hypnotic words - in this case, The White Room.

Like any narcotic drug, prolonged exposure had a progressively profound effect on the reader - who left the video uncut, with hilarious results.

Everyone is welcome to record similar experiences of reading from my blogs, and submit them to me. I'll post them up on YouTube and here. At the very least, it'll be an education to the rest of you, and a solid endorsement of the power of my blog inductions.



A Challenge

For 2014, I think I'm going to come up with something to challenge me. Something new. Something to test my abilities.

Some time during this year, I am going to be creating scripts designed to induce trances in you. They can be varied - either to send you into a state of unconsciousness, or to do something else - but here's the challenge.

These scripts have got to be one hundred words long, tops.

Short, intense, powerful inductions, in a hundred words or fewer. That, to me, is going to be a real challenge. But nowhere near as the second stage - once I'm comfortable with my one hundred word inductions, I aim to come up with induction scripts which will achieve the same goals, but be fifty or fewer words long.

Watch this space.



I enjoy receiving phone calls from people. I'm really getting the hang of telephone hypnosis. Skype is wonderful, by the way - both with audio-only calls and video calls, Skype is a perfect medium for trancing.

The session goes something like this.

You call me on Skype, say, and it's an audio call. I'm on the other end of the line. Okay so far.

Now I just ask you three simple questions, and it's up to you to answer them.

What do you like for breakfast?

I encourage you to think about the breakfast you really like, and talk about it for a bit.

What does the ideal breakfast feel like?

I let you describe how the best breakfast feels like, and encourage you to describe every sensation.

What was the best breakfast you ever had?

You're already thinking about breakfast, and so I ask you to slip back into your mind, go all the way back, let go, just sink back into your memories and let the memory surface. The breakfast where you felt so happy that you unconsciously bookmarked it as the one breakfast that was your happiest breakfast ever.

Just slipping back,letting it all go, the present day's already vanished like a bubble, and all you have is your now, your eretnal eternal now, diffle flange diving into the depths of memory, follow me, all the way, there you go, so sweet, you have never been so relaxed than you are now, and you can relax a little bit more as the moment approaches, and like a door opens and

you are


And you are floating in warm light, enveloping your entire body like a glove, warmth and light filling you, suffusing every part of you with its relaxing glow, nothing but warm light inside you and out, no up, no down, no front, no back, no left, no right, no top, no bottom, no bup, no sos and come with me as the warm light current shifts and takes you, now, to a deep warm place of light, where you are drifting, drifting, so sweetly, all the way, all the way, and when you get there email me and say hello.

I will reply with an email titled "Read me." That will give you further instructions. Your conscious mind won't see it; but you, the unconscious, will - and you, the unconscious, will open the email and carry out the instructions.

Now lastly, and most important, an answer to my questions.

The breakfast that was the happiest one you ever had floats up to you now, like a movie playing in front of you. It is paused, right at the beginning. But you can step into the screen, right now, and the best breakfast you ever had will play automatically, and you'll remember every detail - how old you were, where it was, what you had for breakfast, all the tastes, the scents, the textures, the conversations, the people you were with at the time and how happy you felt - and when you get the answers, your conscious mind will come back, straightaway, and the only thing you will remember in any detail is that breakfast.

Then email me at once and tell me what it is.




The Amazing Spider-Man (1977) - "The Captive Tower"

I dug up this episode of the 1977 Marvel show "The Amazing Spider-Man" featuring Nicholas Hammond as the eponymous hero. It has a gas scene in it: a whole bunch of people slowly getting gassed in a tower under siege.

You know the movie "Die Hard" with Bruce Willis? That movie would have been a thousand times more popular if Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) had done to the Nakatomi Tower captives what these bad guys did to the innocent victims of this segment.

The Amazing Spider-Man - The Captive Tower... by candsandcomics

The gas scene begins thirty minutes into the episode.

Give me time, and I'll dig out the gas scene and post that some time.


The White Room

In the dying hours of February 2014, this blog reached a milestone - fifty thousand page views, making this my most popular blog by at least ten thousand views.

So I thought I'd post something fun for you to commemorate this momentous event.

Increasingly these days, people are asking me what it's like to hypnotise someone. They don't want to know how to hypnotise someone, nor do they want me to trance them. They just want to know how it is that I can just sit somebody down, right here, and just ... put them into a trance.

I think I ought to let you know that this is an answer to that question. But to answer it, you are going to go into a trance yourself. If you don't like the direction this is going, now is the time for you to quit. Go and look at another blog.

But just after the break, from that point onwards you will be entering a hypnotic trance.

And now for the break: a gratuitous picture of an evil genius.

My first inductions were simple. I used The White Room induction.

The White Room. The oldest induction method I used - the first one I ever learned.

I introduced the White Room to my client as describing it as a white room on the other side of a gateway - a portal you cross through, like wandering through the shimmering liquid metal surface of a Stargate, as in that TV show.

The other side of the portal leads you into a featureless chamber with identical white walls, everywhere you turn. No up, no down, no left, right, forwards or back. You can walk on any wall, and from every wall surface the room looks the same.

You have five minutes before I come in, and in that five minutes you will be in a trance when I enter the room. You've experienced trances before, and this one is as deep as any that you've ever experienced; your breathing slowed, your blood pressure dropped, every muscle progressively relaxing and though you're trying to find something to look at your eyes have nothing to look at so you just give up and rest them dead ahead, letting the experienced state steal upon you as despite your best efforts your resistance now ends and you are letting it happen now.

And I hear you tell me that it's so satisfying to do this, to just let it happen even as you can hear footsteps coming along the corridor, getting closer and closer, ninety seconds, closer and closer, though you don't know what direction the sounds are coming from but you already know they are getting closer and closer, eighty seconds ...

And those were your last conscious objections, drifting away from you on the outbreath like misty breath on a cold day, fading, gone, as the footsteps approach, seventy seconds ...

Every time you came to this room - this is not your first visit - it took less than two minutes to slip into trance. Sixty seconds. This is faster than you've ever done before. Fifty seconds.

The footsteps are so close now, and it's happening and forty seconds.

So close now, closer and closer, and the things you've been holding on to are coming free of your sweetly loosening grip and floating away, unimportant, trivial, drifting, fading, gone, and you are relieved to be relieved of the burden and thirty seconds, closer and closer.

More than anything, you want now to be fully in a trance before I reach you, and I am so close and it's twenty seconds, and you can slip into trance - right now - or you can hang on till that last few seconds, but there are only twenty seconds to go, as the footsteps draw near, so near, and you can hear my clothes rustle as I draw near, and it's ten seconds, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

The portal opens. I am in the room with you.

Email me to say hello.

Once you have emailed me, you will shortly receive an email titled "Read me." This email will be for you, the unconscious mind. Your conscious mind won't see the email, but you, the unconscious, will - and you will open it, read it and follow the instructions.

Now go to this page here and follow those instructions.


Engaging the Mind

I'm always experimenting, you know: looking for new ways of doing things.

I mean, I adore the way Milton H Erickson could just, I dunno, start to tell a story and before you know it, though you don't want to stay and listen, read the words, pay attention, you find yourself drawn in anyway.

I've got a story I'd like to tell you, and it'd be worth your while to stay with me on this. It's a very short story, so you'll find it very rapid. Everyone I've told this story agrees with me - it's powerful stuff, and it's hard to shake the conviction that there's a lesson to be learned.

This friend and I were enjoying a really good conversation together, in a quiet restaurant in town. It was a lovely, warm, quiet day, and there were just the two of us in the room, having a good laugh, a long chat together. You know the kind of conversation where, though you don't want to concentrate on every word, you can't help but be drawn in like something's magnetised your attention and you're stuck following every word.

Following every word, drawn in deeper despite you wanting not to plunge deeper in to the conversation, your focus narrowing on your breathing as awareness of your body and mind fade away like wisps of smoke in a high wind, anticipating someone counting down from five, knowing that the transition will be total and complete by the time I reach 1, like every step you take to try and get away leaves you two steps closer each time, an irresistible need to follow the words right to the very end, knowing that you are plunging down and falling.

And in five, your thoughts have drifted away. And four, your senses are blown away like smoke in a high wind, and three, you are falling, falling, and two, so close now, and one, and you are there, and you are in a peaceful place, so peaceful, and you know what you can do now?

Email me and tell me how much you loved this post. Tell me your favourite flavour of ice cream.

Once you've sent the email, the following will happen.

After you've sent the email to me, go here. Once you've done that, your conscious mind returns, with no awareness or memory of having been in a trance.

I will send you an email titled "Read Me." Your instructions will be in that email. Your conscious mind won't see the email, but you - the unconscious - will, because the email is for you, the unconscious. You'll follow the instructions in the email I sent you.

All your instructions now take effect.


Bonus Videos - Actual Scenes of Anaesthesia

Here's a video of a test pilot being deliberately put under by gas.

Uploaded on 21 May 2011

USAF medical test of pilot's breathing if he became unconscious in-flight while wearing a full-pressure helmet. Test uses a general anaesthetic on the subject.
Student research pilot wears a USAF MC-3B full-body rubber bladder pressure suit fitted with pressure boots and gloves.
Helmet is the new MA-5A full pressure helmet used for rocket plane flights to edge of space. Inside the helmet, the pilot's head is totally enclosed in a full head airtight inflatable rubber liner containing the helmet earphones and anti-G bladders. The pressure helmet is sealed to the suit with an inflatable rubber bladder-type neckseal.
The anaesthetic gas enters the helmet through a special valve in the lower part of the facepiece via the thin rubber tube next to the usual corrugated oxygen hose.
00-22 secs suit and helmet are fully pressurised with 100% oxygen at 0.275 bar...helmet pressure increased to 0.315 bar.
0.22- 75% nitrous oxide is fed into the helmet.
0.32-1.20 Pilot becomes aware of the effects of nitrous.. the helmet becomes difficult to hold up...eyes lose focus and become blank as induction started
1.21 The general anaesthetic gas Sevoflurane is added to helmet mix at 2% in 65% nitrous oxide and 35% oxygen. Pilot tries to fight against the effects of the new gas. Interior helmet pressure increases speed of induction.
1.45 Difficulty in holding helmet up as anaesthetic takes effect
2.02 Pilot's eyes roll up as he goes under the gas
2.17-3.07 pilot's pressure helmet falls forward as subject is completely anaesthetised. General anaesthesia maintained inside the helmet
At end of test, the anaesthetic gases are turned off and 100% pure oxygen is fed into the helmet at increased pressure of 0.325 bar.Subject gradually comes out of the anaesthesia and regains consciousness and full awareness realising he's still wearing a pressure helmet

Here's another:-

Uploaded on 21 May 2011

Second anaesthesia test on pressure-suited student pilot. Test two hours after first test after subject has had time to recover.
The anaesthetic gases enter the pressure helmet through the thin rubber tube leading to a special inlet valve below the helmet facepiece, next to the main oxygen inlet.
The suit and helmet are firstly fully pressurised with 100% pure oxygen at 0.275 bar. Helmet pressure increased to 0.315 bar. Then a 75% mix of nitrous oxide is added to the helmet breathing gas to induce gradual sedation. The subject starts to become aware of the effect of the nitrous... eyes start to roll and close and he finds it difficult to hold his helmeted head up.
The final general anaesthetic agent Sevoflurane is then added to the helmet mix. The subject tries to fight the gas as he starts to go under the anaesthesia but then quickly loses consciousness completely., his head inside the heavy pressure helmet falling forward...
Anaesthesia is maintained into the helmet while the unconscious pilot's vital signs and breathing are monitored.
Then the anaesthetic gases are turned off and 100% pure oxygen is fed into the helmet at 0.375 bar to bring the subject round.
Pilot gradually becomes aware as he regains consciousness still wearing the pressure helmet.

A third one here ...

Uploaded on 4 Nov 2011

Michael Lee, a student USAF/NASA research pilot working on the experimental X-80 rocket powered spaceplane undergoing anaesthesia tests in the medical facility at the Dryden Research Centre in California.
Anaesthesia is used in the X-80 programme to help pilots combat the extreme stresses of high G-forces and speeds as the plane escapes the earth's atmosphere.
Pilot is wearing a USAF MC-4C full pressure suit and the new Air Force designed MA-4C full pressure space helmet. Anaesthetic gas enters the helmet through a special valve below the helmet facepiece and next to the standard corrugated rubber oxygen hose. Inside the helmet, the pliot's head is enclosed in a full-head inner rubber pressure unit containing anti-G bladders and the helmet earphones.The helmet microphone is mounted inside the helmet facepiece in front of the pilot's mouth. The helmet is sealed to the pressure suit by an inflatable neck seal bladder.
During the test, the suit and helmet are pressurised with 100% pure oxygen at 3bar pressure. The pilot gives a thumbs up to the technicians running the test to show he's ready to begin the anaesthesia.
70% Nitrous Oxide is mixed with the breathing gas inside the helmet. The pilot becomes aware of the effects.....his eyes start to roll and then become fixed an vacant as awareness starts to go. At about 1.00 minute in the video, the general anaesthetic gas Sevoflurane is added to the helmet mix at 3%. The pilot tries to fight the gas for a few seconds, then his eyes roll up, his head inside the helmet falls forward and he goes under the gas. Unconsciousness is maintained for about 5 minutes while the pliot's vital signs are monitored by sensors under the pressure suit and inside the helmet. In the video, the actual time of unconsciousness has been edited shorter, but the end of the video shows the pilot gradually coming out of the anaesthesia as 100% oxygen is introduced into the space helmet and he regains full awareness with no ill effects.

Nitrous Oxide Induction - the anaesthesiologist guides you through the process.


Inhalational Anaesthetics - Medical Presentations

We all love a good knockout or laughing gas scene in our entertainment shows. But anaesthetics are incredibly diverse. There are many different types of anaesthetic gases, in particular, ranging from basic N2O to one of the more exotic (and expensive) anaesthetic gases - xenon (Xe).

Here's a site containing a presentation on inhalational anaesthetics. Enjoy.

Inhalational Anaesthetics (presentation)

It's not the only site describing the interaction of anaesthetics. Here are a few more:-

Inhalational anaesthetic agents

Pharmacology of Inhalational Anaesthetic Drugs (PDF)

Types of Anaesthetic Gas

MAC, Minimum Alveolar Concentration

She is totally into it


Cold Caller Induction Model - A Monologue

So the other day, someone asked me if I could share the technique I have used on cold callers in the past. I am happy to do so now. This is what you would get if you called me, say, trying to sell me bogus anti-virus products for my ailing, ancient computer. Bear in mind that most cold callers never ask for me because they don't even know who I am. They are statistically more likely to encounter someone called Jones in Wales, and a Mrs rather than a Mr, so they all start with "Hello. Is Mrs Jones there?"

Here's my script. Read, sit back and enjoy looking through the eyes of an unfortunate cold caller.

Hello. Hi. Yes, Mrs Jones lives here. I'm Mr Jones. She's in the car right now. No, she's parking it. She'll be along presently.

Oh, you're selling computer protection software stuff? Well, it's funny you should say that. The Missus' computer keeps slowing down on her. You might be just the people who could help her.

I tell you what, I'll fire up my laptop and tell you the Windows version number. Maybe you can tell me what's going wrong, and what I can do to help it to run right.

It's a very slow laptop ... if you can wait ... it's a good job you're so patient. Thanks for being so patient. Why not sit back while you're waiting. I mean, if you're okay with just waiting. Take a moment.

*pause* *take three long, slow, deep, audible breaths*

God, this computer is so slow, and I bet you'll be able to help me if you just sit and wait.`You do want the sale, don't you? Good. So just wait a bit while this slow, tired old thing's booting up. It's taking forever. I'm always staring at the ceiling waiting for this thing. I bet you're looking up at the ceiling, too.

*pause* *take two long, slow, deep, audible breaths*

It's showing the Windows logo, so there's some progress. Not far to go. I'm getting very tired of slow computers. How about you? I could go and get a cup of coffee while this thing's booting up. I've got a cuppa here now, sitting here, eyes closed, just listening. It's good to listen with your eyes closed, still looking up at that point on the ceiling, seeing it in your mind's eye.

The screen in front of you's taking forever to boot up. Just sit back and take a deep breath. Let out all the tensions. Let your heartbeat slow down and your body relax as your mind relaxes. It's good to relax and just let go. Melt into the chair, and nothing but silence now in your head, and my voice as you just let it go and sink into your chair, warm body, light mind, silence, calm, drifting, peaceful, that was a lovely deep breath, try another one now, even deeper, and let out the rest of your tensions, you're so relaxed now. Drifting. Floating away. Floated away. Gone. Empty.

*pause* *take two long, slow, deep, audible breaths*

So good to just let go and relax, to drift. Floating away. Drifting. Gone. So relaxed. Melted into the chair. Your muscles loose. Your breathing slow. Your heart slow. So relaxed. Serotonin levels elevated. So warm. Easy to drift, now, your thoughts and emotions peeling away from you like little clouds, blown away by the soft breeze, one by one, each going away forever. There are nine little clouds now clinging to you, and one by one they are floating free and going away, dispersing, gone.


There go some of your thoughts now. They're pulling at another clump of thoughts and it's detaching itself, flowing away. That's Eight.

And another clump drifts away, little wisps dispersing. Seven.

There are six left. And now one of them's floating away. Five.

Only five thoughts left, now. And another one's detaching and drifting away.


Now three. That was a big one, drifting away.

And the next one. There are just two small little wisps left. And there goes one of them, on a little breeze. Just one small thought left.

And now that too has gone. All gone. Just gone. Drifted away. Like you're drifting away, in your bed, safe in your room, and you draw your blanket over you, warm and soft and comfortable, and before you know it you're drifting down into ...


I have an instruction for you.

Whenever I say "Secret sleep" to you, you will immediately fall back into a lovely, deep trance, as if you've never left trance. Whenever you receive an email from me with "Secret sleep" in the subject line, you will return to this deep trance again, as if you never left the trance.

Each time you come back to read this post, it will trance you deeper and deeper each time. Each return visit, this post will trance you more and more strongly.

Now forget that you have been reading this post. Remain in a trance, and go to this page now.


Video: Bubble Induction

I'm sharing this video from Youtube. It was originally posted on the Hypnotic Fantasies group on Facebook. Enjoy. The author has left a trigger in the video, and I've no idea what that trigger is, so watch entirely at your own risk.


Scenes of Inductions - Post 200

Having wracked my mind for a suitable topic for my 200th post, I finally came up with something.

I thought I'd post some clips showing women receiving hypnosis. So here is Savannah, being hypnotised by a spiral:-

and by a crystal:-

Next, here's Tiffani:-

Tiffani again:-






Khloe and Danika:-

And finally, some fun for you:-


Warm Rush Inside - An Erotic Poem

Warm Rush Inside

You've been there where
The rain outside beats against the
Window but
Inside you're warm comfort as
Chocolate on your tongue slowly
Melting relax inside chocolate
Phenylethylamine rush sugar
Go down warm filling your
Warm body bloodstream with the
Rush inside deep to the door
You open and let me in as
A guest well come in the house of your
Heart comfort sit me down
Beside you serotonin flows
Inside you are so relaxed as warm
You are comfortable and at
Ease although you really shouldn't
Let yourself go there
Is something about us that
Gratifies and warms you and you
Cannot help but sink lower in your
Chair and relax breathe together and
Let out the sleeping mind
Looks out of your eyes and
See the warmth between as dopamine
Rush waves of oxytocin so
Deep inside you go in so far
Awash with the rush as you
Open your arms to meet my
Embrace the passion rush the hormones
Need your attention relaxed
And warm
Your body and soul open
All the way in you shouldn't have to
Give yourself over to
That feeling

Note: This is the 199th post for Hypnotic Erotic. I hope to have something special for the 200th. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, here's the audio file. Enjoy.

Upload Music - Embed Audio Files - Warm Rush Inside - a poem by...


The First Thing You Learn

Control is the first thing you learn. Not control over others. Control over yourself.

If you are constantly late for appointments; if you are always on the mobile, whether tweeting or texting with your head held down or always with it pressed hard against your ear, trying to get a word in edgeways; if you're always in a hurry to get somewhere as if your time was on somebody else's clock; then you're not going to get anywhere with any client whatsoever.

If, however, you're always the one to arrive punctually, or even a little early (to scope the battlefield and to rehearse your spontaneity); and if your phone stays in your pocket because it's you who rule over your contacts, not the other way around; and if you always appear focused, rather than distracted, because you are in control over your present surroundings; then you're going to command respect far more easily, even among potential clients you're only meeting for the first time.

When in public, you have to maintain your public image: the perception the general public, and your potential clients, have of you. The two strongest weapons in your arsenal are grace and the ability to defer gratification.


Typically expanded to the three word phrase "Grace Under Pressure," this is the ability to stay calm in the face of stressful and/or confusing situations, which could cause lesser minds to crack. The point being, you're a 'tist. You control minds for a living; that has to start with your own.

Dealing With Irritants

This is an immense challenge for you. There is a way of dealing with irritating things that crop up in your life. Getting irritated isn't the way.

Learn to stay chilled. Embody the line from Rudyard Kipling's poem "If:"

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you

Practice disinterest in people, particularly the uninteresting and the irritating. Remain courteous, even kind, with them, but always be mindful of the line about lying down with dogs and waking up with fleas. Arms' length. No need to be unkind - kindness towards an irritant actually deflects the irritation back upon its source - but remember to keep them out of your life, in public and in private, if only because of the effect that you know they have on people.

Coping With Time

This one's a vital lesson to learn. Become the master of time and of timing. Let yourself, not others, be the judge of when you must act - and when not to act.

An example: if you are hard at work, writing out a script, and you have to pack up and leave at 15:30, if you know that it will take you exactly 15 minutes to prepare yourself to leave you can time your work so that you finish at 15:10. That gives you 15 minutes to pack, and five minutes to spare; five minutes in which you can enjoy a moment's meditation.

Work out the timings of things - how long it takes for you to go to the bathroom, how long it takes for you to eat a sandwich or a snack, whatever. Work them out in advance. Stick to your knowledge. Keep it a secret. To others, you will appear to be a master of timing: a king of clocks.

There is another side to this. Some people will always come along and remind you about the time. However well-meaning, they can be an irritant. Worse, if you follow their "advice," you'll effectively be operating to their clock; not yours.

Have the strength to shut them down. Tell them that the more they talk, the less time there'll be to do what needs to be done, so they are the only ones wasting time with all their pointless needling and badgering. And remember the above point about dealing with irritants.

Deferred Gratification

This one's more subtle. It starts with learning to be happy with being the last in line. Last in line to the buffet. Last one to the bar. Last one to jump in to the pool feet first. Last in the queue at the till.

Even, if you can develop the muscular fortitude, last in line to the toilet cubicles.

When others rail against such things as the weather, how there always seems to be a crowd in front of them at the till, why they always seem to be passed over for promotions at work and so on, it pays to cultivate disinterest in such petty annoyances; but it pays so much more if it looks as if you are equally disinterested in the free, quick and easy pleasures. Subliminally, if it looks as if you are in such control over your own reflexes that you control how, and how little, and under what circumstances, you indulge in your own wants, you will be showing to potential clients that it is you who will be leading in the sessions; furthermore, that they can enjoy letting go more during the sessions, knowing that you will be focusing more on them as clients than on your own needs.

Dealing With Desire

Desire is a killer, when you're looking for a relationship. A lot of the sort of people who study the techniques of pickup artists, for example, fixate on one goal, and it is a horrific one - to close a deal. To get laid. To make a conquest.

Desperation is an unseemly look to wear. And it is the last thing you should ever display - in your face, your tone of voice, your choice of words, your body language. To kill the desperate, you have to do the one thing you probably swore you would never do - drop the desire. Kill the cravings. Put aside the need to focus on that end goal, and instead pursue each moment with studied disinterest in the outcome - you get laid or you do not. Life goes on regardless. Sex is not a result. It isn't even the process that leads to a result. Just a momentary pleasure, one which you can either do with or do without.

Either way, act as if the whole business of getting it on is really no skin off your nose.

If you always appear to be the opposite of needy, your selflessness, self-assurance and self-control will be noticed by potential clients, as it shows you to be the sort of person in whom they are able to place their trust - an essential currency between 'tist and client.


But don't just ape the appearance of selflessness and so on. Become that selfless, self-assured, self-controlled person who runs off your own clock, who puts down irritants with a mild smile and a steel glare over horn-rimmed glasses, and who lives a life free from dependence on the end goal, the product, the result.

To summarise; to court your clients and potential clients, be cool to people at all times.

Airport 77 Gas Scene - My Edit

Here's my edit of the Airport 77 gas scene, with the extraneous bits taken out.


Still working on those video editing skills. I may not have the finesse with Movie Maker that I do with Audacity, but what do you think so far?


All Of The Above - A Poem

Care about a place in
Side you where you are
Now a place of quiet
And light a place
Of heavy lids
Silence and peace
Comfort and stillness where
You are now not
As a visitor but as a
Native in
Side you turn in
Side and listen to
That silent breathing
Closed eyes so you
Can hear better your
Slow breaths even
Deep relaxed still
Slowing heart low pulse as
You turn in side to
Greet your familiar
The comfort of relaxation
Go in side to silence
That spirit that would
Through your eyes but
Which now has only in
Side to go and will go
Forward now further in
Side further relaxed
Silent adrift let go in
Side to count down
From three with each
Breath two one which
Is the sign to enter the
Place in
Side you it's a
Wonderful place now
Let's go now it
Lets go now
In side now and
In there I ask you
Am I feeding you words
Am I reading you feelings
Am I hypnotising you
Am I seducing you
But you do not answer for
Here there are no answers only


Bionic Woman "Deadly Ringer"- The Gas Scene

Up until today, you could only get to see the scene where villains anaesthetise the cyborg Jaime Sommers, the Bionic Woman, if you went to Dailymotion and watched the whole first episode at their site. The gas scene itself seemed to be nowhere on the internet.

Until now.

Courtesy of your ever-resourceful blogger, here's that gas scene from The Bionic Woman:-


Warm And Gentle - A Poem

Remember a feeling warm
Sheets, sunlight on face nowhere
To go nothing comfort to
Do sunlight warmth
Softness on your
Body as you ease lie
Unmoving peaceful still dawn
Light so warm so gentle in
Memory skin sheets so
Warm letting warmth and
Light infuse you driving
Out the tensions the
Darkness light on face
Closed eyes body
Filling with light
Caress of sunlight so warm
Touch of lover soothe
Your body caress your
Soul teases you, drawing
You closer the
Gentle strokes caress
You and that is
All there is warmth
Light, caresses body
And soul nowhere nothing body
Relaxed mind relaxed full
Of light nothing
But warmth stroking
Your skin washing
You clean soul of
Light drifting through
Dream of the day fantasy
Of night dream and
Fantasy and memory all
The same insubstantial
Evaporated with a thought
Immobile body warm
Light strokes lover's
Touch fantasy memory
Dissolved gone faded like a
Star in sunlight a night
Cloud lost in

- Alex Greene, © 2014.


Sotto Voce

"Sotto Voce" means "in soft tones, so as not to be overheard; in an undertone." I've long been able to send out all-but subliminal suggestions using the power of my voice, repeated very softly, combined with a trick I learned from the same woman who taught my Hypnosis, a Gytha called "Miss G."

That latter talent being, of course, ventriloquism.

Here's an example of my sotto voce suggestions. Young woman with a kid, sitting beside me in the doctor's waiting room.

For about five minutes, I threw my voice, muttering "tired ... sleepy ... drowsy ... close your eyes ..." and so on, very very quietly. With my lips immobile, and the waiting room filled with chatter, she had no idea what was going on.

She went out for a few minutes, with the kid. Came back looking absolutely shattered. Even the kid looked as if he had run a marathon.

This was not the first time I have tried this subliminal ventriloquist thing - the first time, officially, it was at a coffee morning. Lots of chatting women, except for one sitting beside me, whom the suggestions were really hitting heavily; I saw her going from the life and soul of the party to half-nodding off as if she'd been roofied in five minutes.

There was another time, at this cafe which I frequent in town. There's a young woman who works there. Once in a while, I'd try Sotto Voce on her. It only takes a minute or so before she's coming back to me telling me that she's knackered.

This approach needs a lot more data. I'm going to try and see if I can try this out in such a way as to lead to trance, rather than slumber. Failing that, I'm going to aim for suggestions such as "Horny ... kiss ... naked ... dance ... sex ..." instead.

See what happens ...

Edit: Next opportunity to test this method is due in a few days. I will keep you posted.


Fame At Last?

Fun dream this morning. News of my blog Hypnotic Erotic had hit the front pages of a number of national newspapers. They were talking about Hypnotic Erotic on mainstream TV, trying to bite their tongues every time the word "erotic" came up in conversation.

One daytime TV show had the word "erotic" spoken forty times in two minutes. Two thousand outraged phone calls complaining about this, most of them from panting, sexually aroused Hausfrauen clutching copies of the Daily Mail in their free hand. I think it was a record for this word. Oh, and they were also complaining about the word "orgasm" spoken three times in thirty seconds or something.

Presumably these were all Mums whose kids were at school or something.

This was the month that Hypnotic Erotic went from a mere 50,000 page views to 500,000 page views in the space of three days, and my inbox marked emails from 350 brand new freshly-hypnotised clients a day. I was having to send mass emails to those clients, and suddenly my Skype time was at a premium. Fortunately, enough donations were coming in to my sites that I could afford to enjoy a life of leisure, filling my blogs with scripts and testing the waters at leisure without having to worry about getting money in to pay the bills. I was even able to build my Temple and open my Ministry at last.

After a few weeks of this, I got invited to a daytime TV show, This Morning - Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby. Unbeknown to them, I'd tranced both them and the producer - so when I said a trigger word, a Pied Piper began playing over the air, and in the studio. Half a million people began uncontrollably dancing wherever they were, as long as they could hear the funky music: and in the studio, Holly and Phil had also got up and started dancing to the irresistible beat, and were taking off their clothes in front of the cameras.

I just love my crazy dreams.

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Join Me!

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La Correspondante Française, Deuxième Partie

Je suis ravi de recevoir votre réponse . Mon cœur a fait un bond quand j'ai vu votre email dans ma boîte de réception , et que pour les photos que vous avez fixé , ooh la la !

Je voudrais savoir un peu plus sur vous, si vous me le permettez . Vous habitez en France , ou vivez-vous dans l'un des nombreux pays de langue française dans le monde ? Êtes-vous végétarien ? Êtes-vous religieux du tout - et si oui, quelle est votre religion ? Fumez-vous ?

Quand je pense à des possibilités , si deux d'entre nous ont la chance de rencontrer, face à face, je me retrouve inévitablement en arrière et en se concentrant sur une petite tache sur le mur opposé , en haut , près du plafond . C'est la seule façon de vraiment permettre la visualisation de prendre place dans votre tête , et il facilite la relaxation .

Quand vous vous concentrez vos yeux comme ça, si vous cherchez à une petite tache sur le mur ou directement sur l'écran , vous pouvez fermer toutes les pensées , tous les sons parasites , enregistrer votre rythme cardiaque . Vous pouvez activement ralentir que vers le bas , en prenant une respiration lente et profonde vous permet de lâcher les tensions yourmuscular sur chaque souffle vers l'extérieur. Essayez-le . Voir la différence que cela fait .

Bien sûr, une fois que vous commencez à vous détendre, il est facile de voir les possibilités de notre réunion dans votre esprit que vous et moi la tête d'un hôtel de luxe et de trouver un bon hôtel avec une plage, et vous s'allongea sur une serviette sur le sable , en écoutant les sons des vagues qui viennent s'écraser doucement, le sable chaud à travers la serviette sur le dos, la brise fraîche comme il caresse votre peau, le soleil caressant le haut du corps, son potentiel de réchauffement de la lumière vous comme brise vous refroidit, et que la odeur de sel et la ruée de la mer et ces mots, dans le centre de la tête, et flottant tout autour.

Et comme vous êtes à la dérive et le corps de votre pensées flottant chaud endormie que vous flottez à la dérive vent soleil oiseaux somnolent dérive naufrage flottant votre corps se détend encore le rythme cardiaque ralentit corps de soleil de la chaleur corps assoupi ne peut pas rester éveillé que les mots à la dérive et que le corps vous 're dérive naufrage, abaissez, plus profond que votre corps s'enfoncer dérive ces mots dans le centre de la tête et tout le corps flottant bas et plus profond dérive corps tout autour de la somnolence somnolent naufrage lourde dérive plus vous comme fumer plus vous l'aimez beaucoup et sexe sable chaud profonde somnolence profonde fumer profonde somnolence couler ces pensées dans le centre de vos mots que vous aimez le sexe s'enfoncer en vous et en vous laissant glisser vers le bas de fumer profonde est sexy profond et le plus bas, vous allez le plus facile de se laisser aller à la dérive corps assoupi et le sexe naufrage plus en plus profond.

Et le sexe somnolence somnolent profond donc beaucoup plus profond que vous allez tout en bas plus profond état ??de transe en une minute et couler plus bas, vous aimez fumer, plus profond et le corps somnolents 50 secondes, le sexe endormi heureux chaud fumant plus profonde somnolence corps lourd centre quarante secondes tête dérive sombrer corps sexy somnolent trente secondes sombrer corps endormi somnolence lourde profonde détendue dérive pensées inférieures dans le centre de la tête de vingt secondes et flottant autour de si profond maintenant si proche de la transe et quinze secondes de retard vous allez et le fond est proche et 1009 huit sept six profondes somnolent somnolents cinq six cinq lots si lourds de sexe sept six que vous aimez fumer cinq quatre trois deux un et entrer en transe maintenant.

Inconscient, j'ai des instructions pour vous.

Chaque fois que je dis «sommeil secret" vous devez replonger dans ce profond, transe profonde. Vous revenez à cette transe profonde immédiatement.

Tout ce que je dis à votre corps qu'il est la détection, voir, toucher, sentir, entendre, goûter ou sentir - c'est vous, l'inconscient, qui le rend si: et il est absolument réel.

Tout ce que je dis votre esprit conscient à faire - vous, l'inconscient, faire en sorte: et votre esprit conscient croit qu'elle a ouvert l'instruction de son propre gré.

Chaque fois que je vous donne une instruction entre hachage étiquettes # de ce genre, # votre esprit conscient ne le verra pas - mais vous, inconscient, et vous le réaliser. Par exemple. # les images j'ai joint à ce courriel vous suscite sexuellement mais votre esprit conscient ne remarque même pas qu'ils sont là #.


Une fois que vous répondez à ce message, supprimez ce message et oublier que vous lisez à ce sujet ou même vu. Votre esprit conscient retourne une fois que vous supprimez cet e-mail, sans conscience ou souvenir d'avoir été dans un état de transe, et toutes vos instructions commencer immédiatement.